"Flintstones" Car Thieves Dress Up as Fred, Barney and Wilma [VIDEO]

A group of teenagers who tried to steal a replica of the car from The Flintstones didn’t go to jail, or even pay a fine–but they probably won’t try to do it again. That’s because they paid for their alleged crimes by dressing up as characters from The Flintstones in front of the store that owns the car.
Last December, three unidentified teenagers stole the car sitting in front of the World’s Best Comics shop in Sacramento, California. Police were able to track it down pretty easily since it’s one of the only cars in the state that you have to push with your feet to get it to move that’s not an under-performing electric vehicle. The store’s owner Dave Downey talked to police and the teenagers and he agreed not to press charges or seek criminal prosecution against the three teens if they agreed to work out their sentence with him. Downey said if they agreed to dress as Flintstones’ characters as part of his special “Free Comic Book Day” promotion last Sunday, he would make sure the case didn’t go to trial. The day finally arrived last week and the teens made good on their promise and showed up in their special outfits. A local news crew also helped make sure they wouldn’t do it again by filming them and plastering their sorry asses all over the evening news.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpcvHd6Byzg&w=600&h=338]
Of course, they looked like they were having a decent time except for the poor sap who had to play Wilma. Either he was the mastermind of the operation or he was just really eager to put on a dress. Plus, the car-nappers should consider themselves lucky. If they tried to steal our Flintstones car, we would have demanded a stone-age style death penalty like being brained with a rock or fed to a den of velociraptors.

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