Worst Prank Ever About Sexual Consent [VIDEO]

So, this might be one of the most uncomfortable prank videos we’ve ever seen. The bros over at Whatever clearly thought that this was going to be much funnier than it turned out. Essentially the video is a dude walking around Santa Barabara with a clipboard and a “sexual consent contract,” which he tries to get cute college girls to sign. Hilarious? Not really, as you can see for yourself…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd1BcFwL0hY&w=600&h=350]

Clearly the rape culture debate at colleges is a huge topic right now. Making light of it is probably not the best way to bring a bunch of “LOLs” to your YouTube page. About 50 percent of the girls in the video seem to take it in good sport, but right off the bat the video is extremely awkward. That’s when the first girl approached tells him “f**k you and to go f**k himself.” He then (for reasons unknown to us) decides to yell “F**k you” back to her as she walks away from him down the street. We’re guessing that this is going to blow up in a negative way for these “pranksters.”

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ASU Student Absolutely Dominated By Protestor And Mark [VIDEO]
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