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    Will Ferrell is Producing an “Anchorman-ish” TV Show About Astronauts

    Will Ferrell’s not done turning the misogynistic workplace of the 1960′s and 70′s into a goldmine…

  • Yes, This Realization That Will Ferrell Is “So Money” Happened [PIC DUMP]

    Yes This Happened: Will Ferrell showing up at the Spoils of Babylon premiere with probably the most expensive suit you&…

  • Watch Ron Burgundy Anchor A Real North Dakota Newscast [VIDEO]

    Stay classy, North Dakota. As part of the omnipresent campaign to promote the new movie Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continu…

  • 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Will Ferrell

    We celebrate the 10th anniversary of Elf making Ron Burgu...um, Will Ferrell a big movie star!

  • Movie Keggers We Wish Happened in Real Life

    Keggers are an integral part of one’s journey to manhood. There are so many things to learn such as how to win big at…


    The new trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has condoms, crack, and chaos in a Winnebago--plus our first look at Harrison Ford in the film!

  • 10 Favorite Fictional Coaches Keeping Us Inspired

    Remember those fond memories that you have of tough-but-lovable coaches? Yeah. They’re probably memories of f…

  • This Will Be The Best Movie Of 2014 [VIDEO]

    Lego: The Movie has everything you want in a movie, but you have to wait ’til 2014 for it…

  • Will Ferrell’s Small Market Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]

    For those of you who’ve wondered why Will Ferrell keeps making these silly Old Milwaukee ads, now you know……

  • Will Ferrell Returns To Sell Old Milwaukee Beer In Sweden

    There are a lot of things in this life that I don't understand. Why I've seen more Old Milwaukee commercials that only air in Nebraska or Sweden than actual cans of the swill is near the top of that list.

  • 20 Wives And Ex-Wives Of Famous Comedians

    Let’s face it: Comedians are funny and witty enough to get any woman on the planet. While there are still countles…

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    Will Ferrell Really Shows The Chicks How Big Of A D*ck He Is [VIDEO]

    It’s apparent that Will Ferrell’s seen a few adult movie casting clips because he absolutely nails the &#…

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    Will Ferrell and Comedians on Late Night Shows [Comedy Tonight]

    No need to go to bed when there’s some late night comedy to be watched! Forget about channel surfing–we hav…

  • Will Ferrell Bloopers–And Other Best Videos of the Day

    Try not laughing. Yes, we say, watch this video collection of Will Ferrell bloopers where he’s improvising his p…

  • Zach Galifianakis in THE CAMPAIGN: Still Weird Without a Beard [VIDEO]

    Yeah, he shaved off his beard during an episode of Saturday Night Live, and we’ve already seen pics of Zach Galifi…

  • “Call Me Maybe” Really Just Needed One More Instrument [VIDEO]

    Gentlemen of the world, I feel your pain. Too often we allow our women control of the remote, music selection, (and somet…

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    I Have A Very Important Anchorman 2 Announcement! [VIDEO]

    If you watch Conan on TBS, you’ll know that he’s pretty good friends with Will Ferrell. That’s why h…

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    Will Ferrell Announces The Starting Lineups For Bulls / Hornets [VIDEOS]

    It’s good to see that the Hornets are at least trying to get people to watch their games. Since letting Chris Paul g…

  • How Did I Miss the Casa de mi Padre Trailer?

    I'd like to consider myself somewhat of a movie fanatic. I don't know every detail of every movie ever released, but I'd like to think that I have my finger on the pulse of the cinema industry. Then, I read this article on FilmDrunk about the posters and trailer for Will Ferrell's Spanish-language overly dramatic telenovela spoof, "Casa de mi Padre" and I figure I done discovered internet gold. Then, after some research, I realize I'm WAY late to the game. Like, 8 months late. EIGHT MONTHS. That's a baby. A premature baby, but a f***ing newborn nonetheless. For those who were hibernating, check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie Red Band Trailer Will Leave You In Shock [VIDEO]

    We showed the teaser trailer for Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Like most teasers, it offered very little in the way of details, but we did know it contained #shrim. We didn't have to wait long as IGN just premiered the red band trailer. Highlights include Will Ferrell yelling "tequila!" while shooting a gun, Will Forte double fisting middle fingers, Zach Galifianakis in complete and utter shock, Chef Goldblum, John C Reilly eating fingers, and Robert Loggia chopping off fingers and hungering for human hearts. Though the budget isn't a billion dollars, it definitely looks significantly better than one of their regular episodes. Check it out after the jump.

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    5 Celebs You’d Never Guess Used To Be On SNL

    Saturday Night Live has jump-started many-a-career, from Chris Rock to Adam Sandler, to Well Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon. However, there have been some household names for which SNL was simply a pit stop, their stints on the show going widely unrecognized and for the most part forgotten. Nevertheless, at one point each of these actors decided to try their hands at sketch comedy, although none of their appearances lasted much longer than a Kardashian wedding. After the jump, check out a group of celebs you would have never guessed used to be on SNL!

  • Wrap It Up: Skittles Wants You To Taste The Money Shot Edition

    Today's edition of Wrap It Up covers Skittles getting into the porn game, Larry David's anti-semitic sex scene, Will Ferrell's golf classic, a Will Ferrell-like pre-NASCAR race prayer, Sara Jean Underwood tweet behind, Bar Rafaeli in a bikini, Candice Swanepoel playing dress up, Adrianne Curry's too hot for Comic-Con costume, Dave Chappelle bombing in Miami, the Family Guy movie and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump.

  • 11 Funniest Videos from Funny or Die (So Far) [POLL]

    Will Ferrell is a comedic genius. Many will agree while some others think he’s just plain stupid. Well, those few…

  • 10 Celebrities We’d Like To Smoke Up With

    Blazing solo is a mellow way to unwind, but sometimes you just want share the kind bud with some buddies. You've probably had some memorable smoke sessions with your friends but what if you could smoke with a group of 10 celebs? You buggin' out yet? Well, we've got a list of famous faces that will guarantee the puff parade of the millennium. We're talking righteous riffs, laugh factories, and storytellers. Check it out after the jump and let us know if we missed any (because we got high) in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Just blaze!

  • Between Two Ferns: Zach Galifianakis + Will Ferrell [VIDEO]

    Episode 13 of Zach Galifianakis' show Between Two Ferns was released recently and his guest was Will Ferrell. Really no other introduction should be needed but I'll humor you anyway. Besides two of the funniest dudes in the world, this video contains monkeys literally face-banging frogs, John Hamm, and a pungent perfume. Check out the full clip after the jump!

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    Will Ferrell & 31 Other Celebrity Prom Photos

    It's prom season, y'all. You know what that means - horrible bronzing, butchered hair cuts, super fake eyelashes, ghetto fabulous dresses, and those boss tuxedos from Dumb & Dumber. If you've ever hung out with a girl you know about Us magazine and their feature called, "Celebs - just like us!", which drives regular Joes like us f***ing insane. Why chicks like seeing pics of celebs doing normal every day sh*t is beyond me. Anyway, turns out celebrities ALSO WENT TO PROM JUST LIKE US!!!! OMG!!! WTF!1!1!1!1 Some of these pics are pretty hilarious. So, I guess now we can finally put those rumors of celebrities being genetically engineered super robot aliens to rest. See the gallery after the jump!

  • RIP Robert “Tractor” Traylor & 10 Others Who Died Too Young

    • Tractor Traylor & 10 other athletes who died too young • This Is How Kim Kardashian Got Famous • Watch a baby sea lion ride a turtle • 7 Athletes Who 'Dated' Porn Stars • The most intense game of H.O.R.S.E. ever • Navy Seals who killed Osama bin Laden get Fleshlights • Colleges now hiring babysitters for drunks See more awesome links after the jump!

  • Star Wars Burlesque For Star Wars Day

    • "These Chicks Are My Kind Of Scum!" • Great Moments In Kentucky Derby Infield HistoryKat Dennings Has Thor Boobs • Memorable Star Wars Quotes • 10 more things you should know about sexPresident Will Ferrell Responds To Osama's Death • Megan Fox plays with our passion See more awesome links after the jump!

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    Will Ferrell Shaves Conan O’Brien’s Beard, 5 Others That Should Go [VIDEO]

    For those of you who don't watch Conan, Will Ferrell's been scheduled to appear on the show for a few weeks now. This is important because A) He's funny and B) He'd been ranting and raving about how he planned on shaving off Conan's beard. Well, last night came and went and so did Conan's beard. Watch Will Ferrell get drunk on Barbicil and take a blade to Conan's face then see our list of famous beards that should be next to go after the jump!

  • If Classic Movies Were Remade By Michael Bay

    What Is This "Plot Development" You Speak Of? • Miley Cyrus Kills Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" • The 3D Animated Death Of Bin Laden • A Guide To Kate Middleton's Hot Sister Pippa • 9 Greatest Fictional Athletes • Natalie Portman Is Midgard's Fairest Mortal • Did Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris Take Down Osama? See more awesome links after the jump!

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    13 Classy Will Ferrell Tattoos [PHOTOS]

    Tonight is the beginning of the end for The Michael Scott Era on The Office as Steve Carrell hands the fading torch to Will Ferrell whose character's name is Deangelo Vickers. The show's executive producer decribed Scott's replacement as "not the brightest guy all the time" but also "not an idiot". He also hinted Ferrell's stint wouldn't be very long. You know what does last long, though? Tattoos. So, in honor of Will's fleeting and sure to be frickin' hilarious extended cameo, we present 13 of the classiest tattoos depicting his funny face. Check 'em out below and stay classy after the jump!