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Yes, This Realization That Will Ferrell Is “So Money” Happened [PIC DUMP]


Yes This Happened: Will Ferrell showing up at the Spoils of Babylon premiere with probably the most expensive suit you’ll ever see in your life. I mean, do you know how many Dodge Stratuses (the plural of Dodge Stratus) this man owns? What am I talking about–of course you do because you read our 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Will Ferrell! Printing a suit made of dollar bills is nothing to this man.

But seriously, don’t forget to watch the season premiere of Spoils of Babylon like we told you to in our recap of Why This Week Won’t Suck.

To see the rest of today’s funny photos and WTF photos, check out today’s edition of “Yes This Happened” in the gallery below.

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