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    7 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck [6/2 - 6/23]

    It's been a long week - treat yoself.

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    Drink Like A Boss This Halloween With Boardwalk Empire Cocktails

    I know that a lot of you out there are huge Boardwalk Empire fans - and more than some of you have plans this Halloween to dress like your favorite characters from the HBO masterpiece. While the ladies are probably going to want a feather or boa to 'complete their outfit,' us men are going to need something a little more stiff - like a drink. Prohibition moonshine might do the trick - but I prefer a good gin like Tanqueray. Seeing as you can't drink G&T's anymore (we're way past Labor Day...) we've pulled together some other great gin drinks to help you drink like your baller great-grandfather used to. We'll teach you how to Nucky after the jump.

  • How To Cook With Booze On A Budget

    Maybe it’s because I always see Top Chefs do it, maybe it’s become I’m a borderline alcoholic; but to me, cooking with alc…

  • Rose Is A Sparkling, Bionic Wallbanger [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

    Each week here at COED, we put our livers on the line for you - our loyal readers. Why? Because we're 100% dedicated to publishing interesting, thought-provoking journalism... Plus it's a well-known fact around the office that we write better after we've had a few drinks! That being the case - earlier this week, thanks to our good friends over at Hornitos, Courvoisier, and Svedka we were given the opportunity to test and review three kick-@ss spirits and share our results with you. So, sit back and check out our full reviews and unique drink recipes after the jump!

  • Escort Quality Hooker Pricing, That’s A Given, Maple Madness [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

    Whether your drink of choice is tequila, rum, or vodka we've got you covered in this week's installment of Drinks Of The Week! Kicking things off is Wódka Vodka from Poland, then we move on to GIVEN Liqueur, and to wrap it all up we take a look at Flor de Cana's Centenario 12yr Rum. Check out our full reviews and mixed drink recipes after the jump!

  • Drop A Honey Deuce With Apple Pie Moonshine [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

    This week we're bringing you a little bit of everything, including a 9 year aged whiskey from the folks over at Beam Global better known as Knob Creek. We've also tasted and tested a relatively unknown vodka by the name of Spring44. Finally, we wrap it all up with a truly unique apple pie moonshine infusion from our good friends over at Ole Smokey distillery. What are you waiting for? Check out our full reviews and mixed drink recipes after the jump!

  • Between the Sheets With A Bee Sting, Rolls-Royce [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

    Gentlemen, start your livers!!! This week COED's "Drinks of the Week" back and better than ever with three totally new and exciting liquor reviews. Starting with Gin Mare - the Mediterranean's only handcrafted gin, BEE Vodka - distilled from what else... HONEY! And finally Camus VSOP Cognac - for the more sophisticated men among us. Now sit back, enjoy the ride, and make sure to check out our full reviews and delicious mixed drink recipes after the jump!

  • The 23 Funniest Cocktail Names

    When you first get into a bar, you're so pumped that you finally made it in that you either forget what to order or you blurt out something you heard at a party once because it either sounded impressive or it's the only drink you remembered. After a while, though, you get tired of barking out the same thing. We've got just the list for you - a rundown of the funniest and coolest sounding drink orders to try out next time you go out. Buyer beware, these are not the drinks to order when at a packed bar during peak hours, you'll end up emptyhanded and blacklisted. See our list after the jump.

  • Drinks of the Week: The IceBreaker, Muffled Screech, Superfruit Sangria

    Looking for some new, fresh, and unique drinks to pour this weekend? Well, you're in luck, because your pals here at COED Magazine have opened our fully stocked booze stash once again to bring you three new spirits! This time around we'll be kicking off with Zodiac VodkaVeeV Acai Liqueur, and finishing strong with Newfoundland Screech Rum. Read our full reviews after the jump!

  • Drinks of the Week: Brass Monkey, The Hurricane, and The Kentucky Cocktail

    In this edition of COED's Drinks of the Week our cocktail connoisseur Josh Herder takes a look at Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey, Black Dot Vodka, and Early Times Kentucky Whisky. Read more after the jump!

  • COED’s Drinks of the Week: Drunken Stupor, One Night Stand, Royal Flush

    Happy Holidays! Our gift to you is yet another edition of COED's Drinks of the Week. This week we review MEDEA Vodka and its innovative LED bottle, Crown Royal - the famous Canadian blended whisky, and WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey from Vermont. C'mon, unwrap your present and keep reading!

  • How To Lose Your Job At The Office Holiday Party [RENATA'S RECOS]

    The office holiday party was originally intended to reward employees for a year of hard work, or to distract them from the fact no one's getting a cash bonus. Since most people can see through this little ploy by upper management, it's gone from an evening brimming with holiday cheer to a boozy night overflowing with alcohol-fueled antics. So, if you had a little too much fun at your company holiday party this year, here are some tell-tale signs that perhaps you should seek work elsewhere now, or enter witness protection.

  • Vodka + Sangria = Awesome New Adult Beverage “Vodgria”

    Sin Spirits is blowing the lid off the competition with a brand new liquor that infuses two popular evening cocktails; vodka and sangria. By utilizing the fascinating and delicious flavors found in traditional sangria and combining premium, high quality vodka, "Vodgria" became the first of its kind.

  • 16 Tequila Cocktails That Don’t Suck

    Holy frijoles! July 24th is National Tequila Day! And that means as much tequila drinking as you can cram into 24 hours. So, since margaritas get old some time around 4PM, we've compiled recipes from our two favorite Tequila makers, Don Julio and Patrón, for 16 of the tastiest tequila cocktails (other than margaritas), to help give your Saturday a dose of much-needed variety.

  • What Your Favorite Things Say About You

    Meeting new people is all about judging them. Whether it's his bathing suit, his grown-up beverage choice, his pooch, or even his ride, nothing is more fun than learning everything about a person from a few random details. Want to make the game more fun? Sit in a coffee shop rife with douche's stache, wait for him to take a bathroom break, and then rifle through his too cool for school iPhone. Feel free to go through his web history or his e-mail account to crack the case.

  • 10 Summer Beer Cocktails That Don’t Suck

    With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to quench that thirst for the next three months. So instead of going with the same old mixed drinks you've been drinking since freshman year, we've put together of a list of delicious beer cocktails that will definitely add some "Ahhhhh" to your summer fun.