4th Of July Drinks: 5 Cool Cocktails To Serve At Your Party

The Fourth of July is one of the best party holidays of the year and for the perfect party, you will need to have a perfect drink selection. It is easy to make cocktails that taste great but getting them to look great for your Independence Day parties is a little more difficult. Look below for five perfect cocktail recipes that will not only taste fantastic but also visually fit in with the patriotic themes of your July 4th party.

Blueberry Mojitos

A mojito is already one of the best summer cocktails, and this one will kick up your patriotic spirit with the American colors it represents. To make this drink, start by combining a cup of fresh blueberries and four teaspoons of sugar in a blender. Transfer the mixture into a large pitcher and use a wooden spoon to crush fresh mint leaves into blueberries. Then add a cup of white rum, a half cup of fresh lime juice and half a liter of club soda. From there all you need to do is mix and start pouring drinks. For an added visual appeal, garnish your drinks with fresh whole blueberries and mint leaves.

Red, White & Blue Shots

The first drink on the list is a layered red, white and blue shot that has the perfect patriotic appearance for any Independence Day celebration. This drink is deceptively simple, as all it takes is layering equal parts grenadine, Blue Curacao and vodka into a shot glass. If you don’t know how to layer a shot it is actually pretty easy. Start with the grenadine and pour it straight into the glass being careful to not pour down the side. From there use the backside of a spoon to pour Blue Curacao into the glass and then use the same procedure to top off the shot with the vodka.

Patriotic Snow Cone

Everyone loves snow cones and this is an adult take on a childhood favorite. This drink is also deceptively simple despite the fact that looks incredibly professional. Start by filling a short glass with crushed ice (over the rim of the glass) and almost completely filling the glass with Sprite. Then add an eighth of a cup of grenadine and let it settle at the bottom of the glass. Once the grenadine is completely settled, pour a quarter cup of Blue Curacao over the ice so that it sits on top, separating from the Sprite. Once the drink is together, you won’t have to finish it before the ice melts but that won’t be a problem as you party guests will be downing this quicker than you can keep up.

Red, White & Blue Sangria


If you want to find an easy to make a lot of drinks, this is definitely the best way. This drink is just a simple combination of ingredients but that doesn’t lessen how great the taste is. To make this drink, combine two bottles of dry white wine, a half cup of berry-flavored vodka, 1 cup of triple sec, half cup of lemon juice, a cup of fresh blueberries, a cup of fresh cut strawberries, a cup of raspberries and a cup and a half of pineapple chunks. After all the ingredients are combined in a large bowl and thoroughly mixed together, cover and let it set in the refrigerator for at least four hours. Once that is done, all it takes is scooping this delicious drink into everyone’s cups and the party is on.

Purple Independence

This purple drink may not initially look as patriotic as some of the other drinks on this list but purple is exactly what happens when you combine the red, white and blue colors. The drink also happens to be fantastically delicious and super easy, which helps it make the list. Simply add ice, a shot of raspberry vodka and a half shot of cranberry juice, sweet and sour mix and blueberry schnapps. Simply shake, serve and drink up.

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