Yes This Happened

Jul 8, 2015

WATCH: Fight Breaks Out in Popeyes, Chairs Start Flying

When it comes to fried chicken, people go HAM, like these upstanding folks who got into a crazy fight at...

May 8, 2015

WATCH: Dude Robs Woman in Elevator, Gets Stuck in Elevator

It's like the worst robbery we've ever seen.

Couple Caught Doing It In Museum's 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Exhibit

A couple was caught having sex in Las Vegas’s Erotic Heritage Museum while a Fifty Shades of Grey exhibit was...

Mar 5, 2015

Yes, This Massive Toilet Spotted In The Wild Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: What you’re looking at is probably the largest toilet that’s used daily. Like, are the pipes proportionally...

Dec 22, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

Yes, This "Oops I Peed Myself When I Met Santa" Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: Judging from the wet spot on lefty’s lap, this kid could not be happier to meet Santa...

Dec 8, 2014

Yes, This Perfectly Timed Firework Accident Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: What a spectacular mistake on the part of these two guys–really the only one who did their...

Dec 1, 2014

Yes, This Realization That The Hole In Your Ear Is Too Big Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: You know when the hole in your ear is too big when your dog can fit its...

Nov 14, 2014

Yes, This Custom Beef Jerky Suit For The Fat Jew Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: By now you’ve probably heard of the Fat Jew (@TheFatJewish) on Instagram, but did you know that...

Nov 7, 2014

Yes, This Unfortunate Sexual Shadow Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: A guy who thought everyone was laughing because his presentation was so good. Unfortunately, it was because...

Oct 24, 2014

Yes, This Walmartian Employee Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: A Walmart employee who looks more like a “Walmartian” than a person. You know that a company...

Oct 13, 2014

Yes, This Champagne Body Pillow Cuddle Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: You getting jealous at some kid you’ve never met because he’s sleeping with three Nebuchadnezzar-sized bottles of...

Oct 6, 2014

Yes, This Substitute Teacher's Last Day of Teaching Class Happened [PIC DUMP]

Yes This Happened: A whole classroom full of adorable children giving the middle finger to their teacher, and the teacher’s...

Sep 29, 2014

Yes, This Sign Of The Coming Apocalypse Happened

Yes This Happened: Crocs visors were spotted in a store for sale. Crocs. Visors. If that’s not a sign of ...