Bacon Bandits Steal $300 Worth of Meat Because Who Doesn't Love Bacon?

A couple from DeLand, Florida recently stole $300 worth of bacon from a local grocery store. Why? Why not, is the real question.
48-year-old Doris Rowe and 54-year-old Kenneth Edwards allegedly drove nearly 26 miles to a Winn Dixie to commit the crime. A store manager saw Rowe stuffing the meat – along with other items – down her pants. When the manager approached, Rowe apparently punched the manager in the neck while dropping pork ribs, two packs of detergent and three water filters.
Deputies stopped the couple at a nearby traffic stop and found $361 worth of ribeye steaks, ground beef, bacon, pork ribs and a gallon of bleach. We just want to know how the hell she fit all of that in her pants.

[H/T: New York Post]

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