Aug 25, 2021

Top 6 Hobbies for Tall Women

As a tall woman, you might find it difficult to pinpoint a hobby that suits your taste as well as...

Jan 15, 2020

The WNBA Will Never Be The Same After New CBA Deal

There’s a famous quote that says a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Since the WNBA’s...

May 31, 2019

This Awesome Video Details the History of Women's Pleasure & Warns Us Not To Repeat Past Mistakes

A few months ago, Crave started kicking around the idea of making a video documenting the history of women’s pleasure....

5 Important Tips For Women On How To Not Get Roofied

It’s been a problem for many years, one that is hard to avoid, but not impossible. It’s a serious danger,...

Oct 12, 2018

NHL Rumored To Be Joining Forces With Women's Hockey League

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf06rIannDd/?hl=en&taken-by=nwhl.zone Women’s ice hockey shined during the 2018 Olympic Winter games this year and the NHL noticed. While they forced...

Mar 27, 2018

3 Newscasters Go Full 'Mean Girls,' Declare War On Each Other After Wearing Matching Outfits

Is it sexist of me to think that male newscasters probably don’t have heated arguments about matching sports jackets? Are...

Jan 12, 2017

Aug 9, 2016

Olympics 2016: Women's Field Hockey Schedule, Game Dates & Times

Field hockey is a sport that takes a lot of different abilities and tactics than any other kind of hockey....

Oct 8, 2013

10 Sexiest Croatian Women (for Croatian Independence Day, Yeah)

Was anyone surprised that George Clooney was recently romantically connected with a Croatian model? The only mystery was how he...

Jul 26, 2012

26 Sexiest Italian Olympians 2012 [PHOTOS]

You know about Italian women, but do you know about Olympian Italian women? You’re about to learn how a country...

Apr 28, 2012

Funny Females: The Top of The Ladder Just Got More Crowded

If you’re thinking that comedy is a man’s world, then it’s time you think again. While being a male-dominated profession,...

Mar 2, 2012

32 Sexy Texas Independence Babes [PHOTOS]

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, a state holiday in which most Texans celebrate the adoption of the Texas Declaration...

Aug 24, 2010

5 Things to Say to Make a Woman Want You

Forget corny pick-up lines and forget wasting your money on buying a potential hook-up a drink. You're a COED man and you shouldn't have to go around a bar begging girls to go home with you. Instead, take our advice, and you'll have all the women you meet dying to sleep with you. Let's just hope that she can keep it her in her pants until you find a bed.

Jun 4, 2010

5 Ways To Tell If A Girl Wants To Hook Up

Dates aren't the easiest things in the world for guys. Girls are extremely complicated and, often times, throw mixed signals. How can you tell if she wants to hook up with you at the end of the date (or more realistically sloppy bar night)? To be honest, there's no definitive way to tell. But, here are five cues that could potentially help you from getting embarrassingly denied.

Feb 15, 2010

The 10 Hottest Girls Of The 2010 Winter Olympics

All rise for the presentation of our national beauties! The Olympics are good for two things – watching America grab...

Mar 26, 2009

The Ass-ential Girls of the AVP Crocs Beach Volleyball Tour

If we here at COED consider ourselves experts in any one thing - it's beach volleyball butts. From the the Girls of Olympic Beach Volleyball to the Ass-ential Beach Volleyball collection, we've consistently brought you the best butts this awesome sport has to offer. And now we're upping the ante again...