5 Important Tips For Women On How To Not Get Roofied

It’s been a problem for many years, one that is hard to avoid, but not impossible. It’s a serious danger, date rape drugs are a dangerous thing that can hurt, ruin, and sometimes kill innocent women. And forgetting about the effects, it is difficult to know when you are becoming a victim. The idea can be drilled into your head, you can study it, you can watch a thousand documentaries on it, but you will never be prepared. Date rape drugs are consumed when least expected. It may not even be from a stranger, it could be by a close friend. It’s important to be safe but also has fun. You can’t be on high alert all the time. That’s where we are here to help. Here are some tips to keep a look out for that will become second nature to you.

Don’t Accept Any Drinks From Any Strangers

This is an obvious tip. Never on any circumstances, do you ever take a drink from a stranger. If he or she is cute, and they offer you a drink do not let them leave you. Go with them to the bar or watch the server give you the drink. Same with open containers, don’t accept an open beer from a stranger. At any party, concert, bar, anywhere do not take the drink. Even if it’s water and they are trying to sober you up, go get your own water instead of taking it. Just be aware when someone hands you a drink.

Do Stay At The Bar

This will help you see your drink being made and then having your drink handed to you by a bartender or wait staff. Someone could come up to you and offer to buy you a drink, it’s okay to accept it’s not illegal. Just don’t let them take the drink and then hand it to you. Most bartenders will not give the drink to the person who ordered, they will hand it to the person who is drinking it. It’s about keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

Don’t Leave Your Drink Unattended

Big rule! This is the backup plan for most date rape drugs to be given. If you are doing well on keeping an eye on your drink, and maybe they ask you do dance, or you go to the bathroom, they will take their opportunity to put the drug in your drink. If you do have to go to the bathroom and you do leave your drink unattended, don’t drink it. Go get a new one or just leave your drink alone. Even a quick turn of your head can give them the opportunity.

Do Speak Up

This is not speaking up to the actual person who could be attempting to drug you. Speak up to the wait staff or the bartender. They will either call you a cab, get you away from the situation, or find a safe way to remove that person. They are on your side to, ultimately, keep you safe. Don’t be scared, if you did consume the drug-infused drink and don’t feel good go to the closest waiter or bartender. They are there to help.

Don’t Let Someone Else Keep An Eye On Your Drink

You may be with your best friend who you trust 100%, but you shouldn’t put all your trust in them. Especially, on a night you are both getting drunk and aren’t in your right minds. They could get distracted by someone else or find something more interesting. It’s best to just go get a new drink if you are suspicious. And absolutely, do not let someone stranger watch your drink. That is a huge no-no. Even a bartender, they have a job to serve costumers, they don’t have time to watch your drink while you talk to your friends or go dance. Instead, keep your drink on your person or go get a new drink.

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