Top 6 Hobbies for Tall Women

As a tall woman, you might find it difficult to pinpoint a hobby that suits your taste as well as your stature and the unique advantage that it affords you. While it might mean that you go outside of your normal interests, it’s important to recognize that trying something new can lead you to incredibly positive experiences, so it’s worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then.


Basketball is a sport that is famous for its tall players and the perceived advantage that they have over the rest. Getting into any sport will offer you a great opportunity to inject some regular exercise into your life, but basketball has a unique history of tall players finding success, so you might find it worth your while to follow in their footsteps.


Rowing is a sport that you might not have considered due to its relative obscurity compared to other sports. Rowing is yet another activity that offers immense physical benefits from an exercise standpoint but has the unique advantage of taking you out to the water, something that isn’t shared by many other sports. As a tall woman, you will be able to push the oar out further and pull it through a much wider arc, giving you an advantage out in the water. 

Rock Climbing

This is an activity that might seem a little bit higher in the adrenaline department than you expected, but one that might be tempting to you simply because of that. Sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone means really pushing, and if you have an interest here, it might do you well to recognize the advantage that you have. Tall people have a naturally longer reach, meaning that your options of where to go when climbing are expanded upon.

Gig Going


If you are interested in music of any genre, then seeing bands and performers play live is a great hobby to get into, especially for tall women. This is because, with gigs being crowded places, for some people who are a bit shorter, it can be harder to get a good look at the people on stage. This won’t be too much of an issue for taller women, meaning that they can have an enhanced experience. 

Other more recreational hobbies that tall women, or women of any size for that matter, might enjoy also include console or mobile gaming, where you can play a variety of different games such as the ones on, creating art, especially if you want to work on a large canvas, as well as watching the latest films.



While swimming is still an exercise, it’s an exercise that you might consider altogether more relaxing than some of the others presented on this list. Not only can you go at your own pace, but you consistently have the option of turning it into an exercise trip whenever you like. Similarly to tall rock climbers, tall swimmers have the advantage of having a longer reach for longer strides in the water.


It’s a bit of a change of pace compared to some of the more intense sports out there, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Relaxing with your friends on a warm day with a nice game of frisbee is one of life’s underrated joys. To make things even better for you, your tall stature will allow you greater flexibility in how you catch and throw the frisbee, thanks to your potentially longer limbs.

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