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Sep 28, 2015

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Quit Whining, Apparently No One Else Does Either, Says New Study

According to a study by mattress company Naturalmat, found that millions of people get five or less hours of sleep...

Aug 19, 2013

Woman Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Fall Asleep On The Job [VIDEO]

It’s Monday. We know you don’t want to be at work or returning to class soon. But consider this a...

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Jun 7, 2013

Good News Humans: Apparently We Don’t Swallow Spiders In Our Sleep

A couple weeks ago we stumbled upon a few facts for Trivia Tuesday that said you will eat over 70...

May 6, 2013

Duckling Trying To Stay Awake Is Quite Possibly The Cutest Thing In Animal Kingdom [VIDEO]

We feel ya, little guy. It’s Monday, and we all know how tough it is being a little duckling who...

Mar 21, 2013

Does Hitting The Snooze Button Actually Help? [VIDEO]

No idea.  Hit the snooze button and slept right through this video....

Mar 14, 2013

Drunk Man Falls Asleep In French Fries, Is Awoken By Police, Resumes Eating French Fries [VIDEO]

Engaging in criminal activity is hard work. While you’re constantly looking over your shoulder to see if the police are...

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Nov 15, 2012

How To Get Out Of Bed — A Very Unhelpful How To Video

Getting out of bed is the hardest thing most of us do everyday. The anguish of having to face another...

Learn The Science Behind ‘Morning Wood’ In 2 Minutes [VIDEO]

I love sleep. It gets me hard just thinking about crawling back into bed. But turns out that’s not what...

Nov 14, 2012

When A Note Doesn’t Keep Your Neighbors From Having Loud Sex, Try An Audio Recording

A frustrated Redditor posted the image above asking "Think this will solve the problem?" It might. But if you really want them to scare them straight, I bet a DVD of video footage of them having sex would do a better job...

Oct 24, 2012

Finally, A Brilliant Invention For All Of Us Degenerates Who Sleep In Our Cars

Sleeping in your car: We've all done it. Sometimes for weeks at a time. But it always sucks. Unless you have some sort of sweet '70s sex van or some ethically-questionable SUV from the early aughts, there's never enough room. Sleeping on the slanted, seat belt-addled backseat of a sedan sucks. And it's even worse to bone on! (Not that I know, really...

Sep 26, 2012

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Jun 4, 2012

7 Similariti​es Between Space Travel and Going to College

As children, many of us dreamed of becoming astronauts and traveling to outer space. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that...

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Apr 18, 2012

YouTube Avant-Garde Cinema: Goofing up a Michael Jackson dance

We at COED would like to salute the new wave of cinema by highlighting film directors that are so far...

Jan 25, 2012

What Your Sex Dream Says About You

Sex dreams might be the most bittersweet occurrences in a dude’s life. On the positive side, you can hook up...

Dec 28, 2011

8 Reasons to Wake Up Earlier in the Morning

If you guys are anything at all like us at COED, you like to get your sleep...and by that I mean you like getting wasted staying up until 4:00 a.m. and sleeping until the following afternoon. Now this article is by no means telling you to avoid nights like those, but the approaching New Year means that you've got to try doing something new. Countless hours are wasted (or enjoyed) just laying in bed when you could be out and about getting a kick a*s start to your day! After the jump read the eight best reasons to wake up earlier and start your day on the right foot.

Jul 27, 2011

22 Funny Photos Of Bed Heads For National Sleepy Head Day

July 27th is National Sleepy Head Day, which is celebrated in Finland. On this day, the last person in the house to wake up is awakened by either hurling him or her into a body of water or by having water thrown on them. In one Finnish town, a celebrity who's done something good for the city is chosen to be chucked into the sea. Reason #6,942 why you should be a d-bag in Finland. Anyway, WE celebrate with photos of people that have bed head. WAKE THE F*** UP and check out these funny photos after the jump.

Dec 17, 2010

10 Tips For No-Mess Ex Sex

A lot of people say you shouldn't dig up the past, but we feel sleeping with an ex can be some of the best sex for several reasons.  You both already know what to expect and how to please each other (unless you sucked) Cheating with your ex? Bad News Bears.  With the right expectations and understanding both of you will leave the next morning with out any regrets or serious walks of shame. To avoid such an awkward fate, follow these tips to get an easy lay.

Nov 17, 2010

Waking up Early may not be as painful as it sounds.

Summer — a time for barbeques, trips to the beach, and some serious drinking. So where the hell does waking...

Nov 16, 2010

5 Awful Sleeping Habits of a Random Hook-up

Being the sexually active, irresponsible college student that I am, I’ve gone home with my fair share of random girls, and over the past couple of years I’ve come across some sleeping habits that annoy the hell out of me. Nothing is worse than having a peaceful night’s sleep ruined by your hookup’s uncontrollable unconscious tendencies. But I digress. Anyway, here are five habits that annoy me more than most:

Nov 14, 2010

Quick Guide To Using NyQuil To Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep in the noisy dorms? Neighbors blasting the TV or stereo? Are your suite mates keeping you awake with loud moans and groans of sexual ecstasy? Like it or not, students are turning to over-the-counter sleeping aides to escape the many late night dorm distractions. While none of this is recommended by any professional anywhere, let's be honest - professionals don't have roommates, or finals. And they probably have a doctor friend who's giving them something way more effective than over-the-counter cough syrup. So here's a quick guide to taking Nyquil to get some shut-eye without F-ing up everything else.

May 21, 2010

5 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Whatever the reason or scenario leading up to your vacation, there is one thing for sure. You do not want to waste any time at all. Sadly, there is a beast that tends to nag almost everyone’s vacation. I’m talking about the buzz kill of all buzz kills. Worry not faithful traveler! We have tested and devised a few methods that will help you beat the vacation stealer known as jet lag!

Mar 22, 2010

How To Sleep In Your Car

Why pay for a motel, when your car can double as a “mini-motel!” Much like the Capsule Hotels in Japan, which provide you with an area just large enough to fit your body, overnight car-sleeping is more comfortable than you think—if you make the proper preparations.

Jan 21, 2010

Sleep in Style

Mattress maker Aminach (My People Rest) of Jaffa Israel has released a new line of beds and sofa sleepers that are absolutely perfect if space is a premium in your place.

Nov 26, 2008

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

While you might not have any trouble snoozing after downing 15-pounds of turkey meat, most of us are getting through...

Jun 27, 2007

Non-Drug Sleeping Tactics by Dr. Jess

The world isn’t getting any easier. Judging by the recent headlines, there’s more to be shook up about than ever....