Not Getting Enough Sleep? Quit Whining, Apparently No One Else Does Either, Says New Study

According to a study by mattress company Naturalmat, found that millions of people get five or less hours of sleep a night. The reason? Because it 2015 and we are literally glued to our technology. Man, the future sucks. [lead image via Shutterstock]

The study suggests checking phones, tablets, and laptops in bed delays sleep for 75 minutes. Sleep expert Christabel Majendie of Bristol Univeristy said: “Working, eating, talking on the phone and using the computer or mobile phones are daytime activities, which will weaken your associations with the bedroom and sleep and cause you to have a more disturbed night.”

So when you’re on your way to work tomorrow morning wondering why you’re so damn tired, remember its because you just hadddddddd to put up a SnapChat of the movie you were watching before bed, just so EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU’RE DOING EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY.

Like I said, the future sucks. According to The Termintor, we’re about 15 years away from our war with the machines.


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