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Little League

Aug 23, 2017

WATCH: 13-Year-Old Little League All-Star Hits Insane 400-Foot Home Run At Braves’ Stadium

Ever since the entitlement/victimization culture took over much of my generation, I’ve stopped hearing the phrase, “children are our future.”...

Aug 9, 2017

The Internet Has Fallen In Love With A 220-Pound 12-Year-Old Baseball Player

During the dog days of summer, the options for sports fans are limited, especially when your favorite baseball team stinks...

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Aug 20, 2012

10 Little League World Series Baseball Players Who Made It To The Big Leagues

Every year around this time, I’m forced to hear one of my least favorite phrases “Major League Equivalent” because it’s...

Apr 8, 2012

Left Fielder Lays Out Second Baseman, Ninja Style [VIDEO]

Happy Easter everybody! I hope that you all enjoyed National Beer Day, I know that I sure did. This video...

Aug 13, 2011

10 Little League World Series Players Who Made the Bigs

Right now, the best little leaguers from around the country are competing for tiny stardom in the 2011 Little League World Series. Which got us thinking, what major league players cut their teeth swinging bats in the LLWS? Turns out, there's quite a few. Here are the 10 best MLB players that got their first taste of baseball stardom in the Little League World Series.

Jul 26, 2011

Apps of the Week [BASEBALL]

In today’s world, there’s an app for pretty much anything. And within these ‘anything’ categories, there are hundreds of individual apps to choose from. What should you buy? What should you try out? COED sorts out the best from the rest in our Apps of the Week feature. This week, we focus on things that will help you become a baseball legend. Swing batta batta swing!

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Jun 6, 2008

Complete Video of Last Night’s Red Sox Brawl

Complete Video of Last Night’s Red Sox Brawl …And The Number One Reason NOT to Get WiiFit! Lunar Dust Concrete...