WATCH: 13-Year-Old Little League All-Star Hits Insane 400-Foot Home Run At Braves' Stadium

Ever since the entitlement/victimization culture took over much of my generation, I’ve stopped hearing the phrase, “children are our future.” That’s until a 13-year-old little league Goliath known as Jayce Blalock stepped up to the plate. This young dude is hitting the ball so nice that I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a MLB contract sometime down the line.
This cat named Jayce hits harder than an Antifa member at a Free Speech rally. His neon green bat is the weapon used to smack the baseball hundreds of feet into the air.
The kid would put plenty of us full-grown adults to shame. One day, while I’m still typing away on the keyboard for peanuts, this star athlete will probably be cashing million dollar MLB checks with supermodels. Ah, the life…
Here’s Blalock going full beast mode in the Atlanta Braves stadium. That ball won’t be back until next week…

Joyce Blalock has been hitting homers for a while. Scoring points on the baseball diamond is just what this kid does, plain and simple. Take a look at another big hit from Blalock. He’s one grand slam away from an MLB contract, that’s for damn sure…

Keep on hittin’, kid!

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