Gaming on a budget

There are now estimated to be more than 3.2 billion gamers worldwide, with the global video gaming industry market size now exceeding $178 billion dollars. Gaming is a form of entertainment, a hobby and even a career choice for some experienced players.

In recent months gamers around the world have been scrambling to get their hands on the latest Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, however many have faced issues due to both stock availability and skyrocketing prices. These consoles are now costing devoted players up to $500 dollars a pop. 

Thankfully, there are many other types of gaming devices on the market and plenty of games available for smaller budgets. Gaming without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars is entirely possible if you know how.

Here are some things that you should take into consideration when planning to play games on a budget:

Decide what platform you want

If you are yet to purchase a console or device for gaming, then you have the opportunity to consider your options. For those who play games casually on the morning commute or stick to more title games such as puzzles, your smartphone may be up to the task.

However, if you are a serious gamer you may need to consider purchasing a video gaming console or gaming PC. your purchase doesn’t need to be first-and, a console or PC from a second-hand site or store will do the job if it is in good working order.

Besides cost, you will need to consider how big the gaming library is for the device you are interested in and their connectivity options. For example, while the older generation Xbox and the PS2 have great games selection, they do not have HDMI connections.

This can be a problem if your television doesn’t have an old-fashioned composite input. If buying an older system, you will also need to consider how easy it is to repair as some models such as the Xbox 360 are known for having faults.

If you are pretty handy and know how to make repairs, then buying a console that needs repairing may also be an option. Not only will this be a cheaper purchase, it is also a little project to fix up. 

For a handheld device, consider the Nintendo 3DS. There are a huge range of games in the Nintendo library and the 3DS is well known for its longevity. 

Finding games

Once you have decided on what platforms you will be using, now is the time to start finding affordable games to play. 

Certain gaming sites, such as online casinos offer promotions for new customers to help entice them. Common promotions include welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses, which are great for players that wish to try out new games without putting down too much of their own cash.

If players are unsure where to find the best online casino and offers for them, they can use an affiliate site also known as a comparison site that will help compare sites amongst each other.

While buying games digitally is now a very popular option, purchasing game disks second hand may give you more options for saving money. This of course depends on whether the PC or console you are using has a disk drive.

When purchasing the disk version, you also have the option of re-selling the game once you have completed it. Classic games that you may be yet to play, such as Daggerfall, should be relatively easy to find on disk.

There are also many great quality free to play games out there. Stores like Epic Games will often share a few free games each week online. While some games like Rocket League are completely free to play, others like World of Warcraft do require a paid for subscription once you get past a certain level.

Subscription gaming services are a relatively new option for gamers. Through services such as the Xbox Game Pass or the PlayStation Now offer hundreds of games on subscription.

Some subscription services are cloud gaming platforms, meaning you do not need to download the game on your device and run it locally. Game streaming is a good option if your chosen device doesn’t have high-tech capabilities or large storage space.

However, this might not be the cheapest option unless you usually play a lot of different games frequently. Looking out for games on sale may be a better alternative if you prefer to play the same game regularly.

Other tips for saving money as a gamer

Trading game disks with friends is a great option for saving money. When choosing a gaming device, it doesn’t hurt to check what platforms your friends are using. If you like playing online with friends, it makes sense to choose the same platforms as them.

Some gaming services offer loyalty points to help incentivize making multiple game purchases, such as Microsoft Rewards. Make sure you utilize these to get the most for your money. 

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