Growing Acceptance Of eSports In Modern Society

ESports are organized, multiplayer video game contests, usually between professional players. These events have huge viewership. Like traditional sports, most eSports are team-based games played in tournaments or leagues.

It works in the same way that you play casino games on platforms like SA Gaming—you can stream eSports online on sites such as Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming’s home pages. All these streaming platforms have free iOS and Android mobile apps.

Like traditional sports, eSports competitions occur in dedicated venues, such as the Eleague eSports Arena and the Blizzard Arena.

eSports is now a booming industry, with more than 380 million fans across the globe. In 2016, about 43 million fans viewed the world finals of the eSports game, League of Legends, compared to only 31 million viewers of the NBA finals Game 7. According to Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment banking and investment management firm, the monthly size of eSports games will reach 276 million by 2022.

According to NewZoo’s Global Esports Market Report of 2019, the U.S. and Canada are the leading eSports markets, with revenues of at least USD 409 million.

Why are eSports increasing in popularity? There are a few key developments that have contributed to the trend.

Younger Generation Love Video Games

The first factor is that millennials are the first generation to embrace eSports. Studies show that men and women between 21 and 35 years old account for 53% of the total eSports viewership.

Since eSports is a multiplayer video game, it naturally attracts millennials. Video games are more effective in seducing younger fans, and eSports viewership is proof of this phenomenon.

Commercial Value

The growing acceptance of eSports certainly has close relations with its commercial value, too. eSports seems to exhibit a magical power in attracting the masses, especially the younger generations.

The industry also provides a plethora of business opportunities through advertising. In-game advertising is popular in the gaming industry for its updated speed, novel format, and relevance to the consumer through targeted marketing efforts.

Since eSports provide an excellent platform for game developers to raise awareness for their brands, game producers put a huge effort into it.

Employment Prospects

New eSports offer a wide range of job opportunities for all walks of life. Like traditional sports, the eSports industry comprises players, coaches, and behind-the-scenes corporate teams.

Besides the gamers who receive prize money (often in addition to a base wage), eSports teams and tournaments also need similar resources as traditional sports organizations. There are sports therapists who handle the mental and physical impacts of the sedentary lifestyle of gamers, for example. These therapists ensure that eSports players don’t develop physical stiffness or mental burnout.

Gamers also need reliable data to make strategic decisions during eSports competitions. Strategists and analysts play a significant role in helping players reveal their opponents’ tricks and improving gameplay techniques.

The eSports industry provides jobs for marketing and promotion professionals, too. These people market the tournaments and events, leading to investment and sponsorship deals worth millions of dollars.

No matter how you view the rise of eSports, it is clear that there are valid reasons behind the growing acceptance of this new industry. It appeals to a wide audience, especially the younger crowds, and presents amazing commercial value to businesses, investors, marketers, and job seekers. Like any other competition, eSports are also highly entertaining, and it is here to stay.

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