Dec 11, 2021

10 Things To Know About Mastering if you’re not a Mastering Engineer

Mastering music is one of the most important stages of technical refinement. In this article, we have prepared 10 interesting...

Oct 13, 2021

Top 7 Careers for the Future

The Bureau of Labour and Statistics has self-explanatory reports indicating growth projections for potential job growth across various industries, including...

Dec 17, 2020

Please the Creative Streak with these Unconventional, Uncommon & Offbeat Career Choices

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Kickstart your Career with these Trending Career Paths

There has been a change in the modern workplace landscape. Believe me when I say that it is changing pretty...

Dec 17, 2020

A Student’s Guide to Taxes

All right, all right, it’s time to get serious about paying your taxes. Maybe you’ve never filed them before. Or...

Jul 22, 2019

4 Tips to Land Your First Post-Grad Position

College graduation is right around the corner and for many, this marks one of the most exciting and liberating moments...

Apr 15, 2019

Aug 5, 2018

Here Is How Comic-Con Can Get You A Job

Comic-Con isn’t just a place to buy comics, dress up, or see celebrities. It’s also a place that can help...

Apr 24, 2018

John Cena: Top 5 Must See Career Moments

John Cena, WWE’s top superstar for the past ten year’s birthday was yesterday, April 23, 2018, and I felt as...

Nov 27, 2010

COED Job Guide: Updating Your Resume

Many of you are graduating soon and heading into the workforce to join the rat race and make some money. What you may fail to realize is that there are loads of other equally qualified (if not more qualified) candidates hunting for the very same job. You are going to need an edge to make you more recognizable. We'll start with your resume. Try out a few of these pointers to enhance you stock.

Jun 27, 2008

The Freedom of Work: Why Slacker Summer Jobs Rock!

I work in a sh*t-hole on the verge of bankruptcy, and I love it. I’m currently employed by a locally...

Jun 21, 2008

How 4 Years of Saving Could Set You Up For Life

For all you recent college graduates entering the workforce, I realize that “Start Thinking About Your Savings” might be the...

Dec 27, 2007

What It’s Like to Be … a Nude Model

Recently, I found myself strapped for cash and needed a way to supplement my income. Like most people, I decided to try nude modeling!