Kickstart your Career with these Trending Career Paths

There has been a change in the modern workplace landscape. Believe me when I say that it is changing pretty fast. A recent report by the World Economic Forum states the significance of a switch in modern jobs. Their study enlightens about the displacement of 75 million jobs by algorithms and machines between the years 2018 and 2022. 

Although employees may consider this stat as an alarm, yet this is just one side of the story. Another report suggests the emergence of 133 million new jobs. Yes, now that’s a stat to pay attention to. The imminent spike in new positions unveils that the workers will now require the cultivation of an all-new skill set for securing the top-notch careers. With the advent of modern technology, the students and other professionals need to develop themselves to match the requirements modern technology is posing. Yes, with every expansion, a new job title is shaping the education system. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Are you wondering what these lucrative career options are? Well, stick onto us, and let’s rock onto this learning journey:

  • Software Developer:

The software you run on a computer or phone is the work of a software developer. Some developers work in creating applications for catering to specific tasks, while others function on the operating systems. Software development is all about figuring out the needs of the users and subsequently designing and testing software based on these needs. They also make upgrades to the older programs, maintain the software, and document for proper functionality. A person opting for a software developer profession needs a bachelor’s degree in computer science or some other field. Getting a master’s degree, however, increases your chances of a good and high-paying job. The demand for software developers is on a rise at a faster pace. 

  • Psychometrist:

A career as a psychologist is an excellent choice because human psychology envelops us all around! It helps in studying human behavior and mind based on some scientific theories while indulging in research work. A clinician performs psychological testing and evaluates their scores afterward. He/she works under the supervision of licensed psychologists but isn’t allowed to interpret the results of the tests or present feedback on clinical assessments. The demand for a psychologist/ clinical psychologist is growing with each passing day. One can enroll in some online psychology programs or undertake a bachelor’s or master’s in the subject, and work in organizations, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. Obtaining a degree in psychology helps in catering to your problems and helps you know yourself in a better manner while catering to the problems of others. Thus, a great option that works well on both personal and professional fronts. 

  • Speech-Language Pathologist:

A pathologist working as a specialist in speech-language has a great career. He/she helps to improve people who’re facing challenges people face in speaking. Yes, when someone has suffered a stroke that affects their way of talking or aids those people who are born with some speech disorders- go to a speech-language pathologist. They work in assisting people with communication issues related to speaking, fixing them, or even help in the prevention of disorders children or adults face with swallowing. A person requires a master’s degree and a license to practice in most states. The amount of salary a person makes is tempting. 

  • Statistician/ Mathematician:

The sphere of life of a mathematician or a statistician increases the probability of hiring by 35%. The growth of data is beyond escape, which makes the exploration of this career option a must. The mother Earth floods with over 1.7 MB of data, which interprets this whooping data as an essential process. Here’s where a statistician steps in! The mathematician’s work includes the showcasing of colorful spreadsheets by making use of graphs and charts. This profession is the best for you if you’re a person who’s fond of solving problems and interpreting data by applying mathematics and statistics. Becoming a mathematician or statistician requires a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, depending on the job position. 

  • Nurse Practitioner:

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a kind of nurse who has more training, experience, and authority than a nurse that’s registered. They not only assist doctors but also perform many kinds of functions, which the doctors perform. An NP can work in diagnosing illnesses, prescribe different types of medications, and work in the management of the overall health of the patient. NP’s work in health care settings and can practice in nursing homes, clinics, schools, universities, and other health departments. You need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. The median salary of a Nurse Practitioner is lucrative and the peace of mind in serving others- not to mention!

Prepare yourself for a better tomorrow!

The expert career counselors suggest never opting for a career only because it pays well or your parents think that it is a choice for you. Rather; find a profession that fits your personality. You can make a career by undertaking a personality test., which will help you in learning about your personality strengths and guide you for the years to come. 

Plan your career in a way that satisfies you!

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