WATCH: Epic Ice Cream Shop Brawl, People Get Hit With Chairs Like It’s WWE

This all took place on Christmas Eve, no less. AND it’s in Australia, and as I’ve said before, Australia is bat sh*t crazy.

Via Mirror,  chairs were seen flying as the violence began at around 11pm in at Brighton-Le-Sands, south Sydney, Australia, on Christmas Eve. It is thought the fight started after a verbal altercation. Which begs the question, what fight hasn’t started from a verbal altercation. I mean, I literally have no idea what goes on down under, but where I come from, if you’re going to hit someone, you’re probably going to argue with them first.

Fleur McGregor, who witnessed the battle, told Seven news: “There was this poor little girl in the window of the ice-cream shop, she was terrified from what was happening.”

F*ckin’ Australia, brah.

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