When are you ready the move from free to real money slots?

There are many different types of online slots to play and each type comes with its fair share of benefits and disadvantages. For many players, the way to determine which slot is right for them is to take advantage of free-play options.

Free-play slot gaming has never been more popular than it is today, but when is it the right time to switch from free-play to real-money online slots?

Something for nothing

When it comes to the world of iGaming, a stand-out star in recent years has been the growing selection of real money online slots available to new and experienced players alike. However, you should only play these once you feel ready and comfortable with the basics.

This is where free play comes in. Free play allows you to enjoy online slots gaming without staking any money. The potential to swiftly obtain useful experience is one of the most important benefits of playing free online slots as a novice player. These free slots are available to anyone interested in learning how to play and the top online casinos provide plenty of information to assist those uninitiated in slot gaming. 

Free play allows players to practice new strategies or methods without worrying about their bankroll. 


Players can quickly distinguish the difference between playing games with low or high volatility and decide which is more suited to their needs. Players that enjoy playing casually are often drawn to games with low volatility ratings. They can enter and exit these slots repeatedly, and the results of one session won’t necessarily vary greatly from another.

Many players choose high-volatility games that provide fewer opportunities to win, but with potentially higher rewards. Online slots with medium volatility are also available, along with those with medium-low and medium-high volatility, so it’s good for any player to find a balance that suits them best.

Money on the line

Those that are ready to step up to real money slots generally have an understanding of other casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. Understanding the different options available at an online casino provides a greater perspective by comprehending the relationship between skill games and games of chance

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While it doesn’t feel like playing a math game, online slots are essentially complex math and if you understand the payback percentages and probabilities then you are under no illusions and are ready to play with real cash. Random chance takes over once the reels are spinning and understanding that is the sign of a satisfied slots player. 

Something free play doesn’t reveal to you is the generosity the top online casinos will bestow on regular real-money slot players. There are many promotions, bonuses, and free spins available and you should have some knowledge of these before you make a deposit. 

The most important element when deciding to move to real money slots is that you still enjoy playing online slots. If you ever feel like playing slots is causing more stress than entertainment, step back and take a break. The main thing you should seek from these games is enjoyment after all!

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