Which college football team could win the 2022/23 National Championship?

The year 2021 was tough for college football, with numerous top-tier teams hit by COVID-19 measures and isolation requirements that badly mangled training. By contrast, however, other teams had a crackerjack of a year, with the Georgia Bulldogs bringing a 42-year National Championship drought to an end with a stunning victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide in a nail-biting 2022 College Football Playoff.

Given that 2021 was such an unusual year, how do we “read the runes”, as it were, to get a handle on which college teams are real contenders to win the 2022/23 National Championship season? It’s a pretty certain bet that the stellar Alabama Crimson Tide are not going to merely shrug off their surprise defeat; they’ll be training hell-for-leather to come back and fight for victory like Viking berserkers. 

Having a preliminary idea of which teams are best poised to steal the crown in the 2022-23 National Championship isn’t simply “nice to know”; college football is insanely popular in the USA, and devotees like to keep abreast of how the team they’re rooting for is likely to fare. Of late, that desire to know applies not merely to dedicated football fans but also to bettors (although they’re far from being mutually exclusive groups), who have developed a keen interest in college football in recent years. Why? Sports betting has taken off big-time thanks to the availability of online opportunities. 

But it’s not much good taking a virtual foray into NJ online sports betting if you have no idea what the prospects of the team you’re gambling on really are. It’s also wise to make sure you’re betting at a well-established, fully-licensed online resource like Resorts Casino. It first opened its doors in New Jersey as a successful bricks-and-mortar casino way back in 1978, before migrating all that business know-how and ethics into a cutting-edge online version.

So, which teams are really in the running for 2022-23 and stand a good chance of emerging King of the National Championship season? While this is an inexact science (there’s nothing more difficult to predict than the future, after all – the path between here and there is potentially littered with unforeseeable contingencies), there are some solid grounds for placing confidence in some more than others.

First and foremost, Alabama Crimson Tide has to be a prime contender: since 2009, this pride of football lions has only experienced two consecutive years without winning titles (2013-14 and 2018-19). The recent setback at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs will have put plenty of fire in their bellies, and Nick Saban will be driving them toward victory with every ounce of his genius. With odds estimated to be +900, they’re way out in front.

Next up with odds of +400 comes Ohio State, followed closely at +475 by Georgia Bulldogs. At this point, the prospects for success widen considerably, with USC coming in fourth with odds of +1200. Fifth place goes to Clemson (+2000), which squeaks in just ahead of the sixth-place holder, Texas A&M (+2200).

The final four? Wisconsin (+3300), followed by a tie between Michigan, Notre Dame and Oklahoma who all come in with odds of +4000.

As with any kind of provisional guidance, remember that these odds can go up as well as down, depending on what reality throws at the athletes.

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