Best UFC events of all time

UFC has been a source of entertainment for mixed martial arts fans for a considerable period. It has produced memorable events, some of which have continued to elicit reactions years after they happened. Some events featuring big names such as Conor McGregor, Georges St Pierre, Nate Diaz among others have been blockbusters while others, though were not expected to make the list of great shows turned out to be surprised, the most entertaining UFC fights. In this article, we will be looking at the ten best UFC events of all time, the shows that are remembered long after they have been completed.

Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar 2005

Ten years earlier another fight had happened between Forrest Griffin, precisely on April 9th, the fight is hailed by many as one of the greatest shows in UFC and MMA history. Aladar Kollar, an online sports betting expert had this to say about the fight “A küzdelem egyike a legjobb eseményeknek, és bár a UFC Fogadas Mightytips akkor még nem létezett, nagyon nagyra tartjuk azért, amilyen hírnevet hozott a UFC-nek és az egész MMA szektornak. Ez a küzdelem sok ezer új rajongót és fanatikust hozott az MMA sportok világába.” 

These are sentiments that are shared by many, the first season of the Ultimate fighter show saw the struggling UFC come into the mainstream with the two lightweight fighters’ credit for the promotion. Griffin, the UFC champion belt holder could not have been happier, winning such a crucial fight by decision and then giving the MMA sports limelight, the best early UFC fights that will be celebrated for many years to come.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz, 2016

Six years since the fight took place, the event continues to be talked about on social media and even in offline forums. Many had expected a clear win where one of the fighters carries the day but the outcome of the fight shocked not only the UFC fans but also those who had wagered on a clear win. The two MMA fighters had met a few months into the match and many had expected the fight to be a replication of the earlier event. Diaz handed, Conor McGregor his first UFC loss and many had expected similar results. However, this was not to happen. 

The fight was a nail-biter, where the welterweight fighters had a five-round razor-close battle. The judges did not have it easy, as the two stars tied. The fight is not only remembered for the unexpected results but also the record it set in terms of the attendance where it attracted a crowd of almost 16,000 and also became the most bought UFC pay per view with a buy rate of 1.65 million.

Justin Gaethje vs Michael Johnson, 2017

It is not the first time that Justin Gaethje is appearing on the list of unforgettable MMA battles. And the most interesting thing is that the fighter is ranked among the best in all these lists. However, the fight with Michael Johnson beats them all; even the fighter himself calls it the “career-best”. By the time Justin was meeting Johnson he had maintained an unbeaten record. He was also the most hyped fighter in the UFC.

Johnson was almost spoiling the good record when he pushed him to the brink early in the fight, however, Justin bounced back to get a second-round knockout win. Many describe the surge back as a display of toughness and heart. The events that the fighter has participated in have been described as the most entertaining UFC fights. However, this fight beats them all as one that has displayed a great comeback.

Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit fight in 2016

Right from the time, the event was announced fans knew that the Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit fight would be memorable. At the time of the announcement, the duo was regarded as the most exciting in the MMA industry, and with a UFC champion belt being contested; everybody knew that they were in for the most entertaining UFC fights. They did not disappoint, they lived to the expectation by giving them the best UFC event.

The fight has even been described as having surpassed the expectations, the fighter engaged in a wild striking fight for the five rounds, knocking each other with heavy blows, the type that would have wiped the lesser boys. Lawler took the day when he won through a split decision. Some felt that Condit should have received the nod a result that has people taking up to this day. The fight will be remembered many years from now; given the attention, it drew as well as the results it gave.

Other fights that fit in the category of the best UFC events of all time include:

  • Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry fight in 2011
  • Chan Sung vs Dustin Poirier in 2012
  • Weili Zhand vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk in 2020
  • Jon Jones VS Alexandars in 2013
  • Dan Henderson VS Mauricio in 2011
  • Robbie Lawler vs MacDonald in 2015

Fans are on the lookout to know how many UFC events per year will feature in the best UFC list in the coming season. There are expectations that 2022 and 2023 may be the best seasons for UFC fans as well as MMA betting enthusiasts. Those looking to wager for the MMA fighters need to get the sports betting tips that will give them a good head start. Using the list of the best UFC events an MMA betting enthusiast now has a head start on where the bet should be placed.

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