A 2021 Guide to iGaming And USA Online Casinos

The United States online gambling landscape, known also as iGaming has certainly come a long way since its early days. That is especially true for real money online casino sites which continue to thrive. While the sector is now very competitive, the market has also expanded immensely. There is something for everyone. Regardless of the kind of casino game you like, it is easy to find amazing options.

The Legal Framework

In terms of laws and legislation, the United States has been one of the most storied iGaming markets on the planet. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which was passed in 2006, for instance, was a high-profile legal move that had lasting effects on the country’s gambling sector.

Today, like other forms of gambling in the United States, iGaming is generally a state affair. This means that the states have the right to deliberate over whether they would benefit from the activity or not. Already, states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan and Nevada have legalized some form of online gambling. More states are also considering similar decisions after seeing just how lucrative the sector can be.

US-regulated online gambling sites aside, lots of the country’s residents still rely on offshore online gambling sites. These fall outside the United States’ jurisdiction and therefore are not subject to US gambling laws. Players also do not need to worry about getting into trouble for playing with these sites. It is the operation of unregulated gambling within the country’s borders that is prohibited.

Offshore vs State-Regulated Online Casinos

A quick search for an “online casino USA” will always bring up tons of results. There are tons of great sites available for the country’s residents. Both locally-regulated and offshore iGaming sites offer very competitive products. Choosing between the two should be very simple but that is not always the case for some players.

For states where online gambling is yet to be legalized, offshore online gambling sites are a no-brainer. The best ones are not only safe to use but also very reliable. Finding a reputable offshore online gambling site is also now easier than ever before. Forums and guides such as this do a great job at highlighting the best sites and even their shortcomings if any.

In states where online gambling is regulated and available, the first option would be the locally-regulated sites. These, undoubtedly, offer the most peace of mind and assurance of consumer protection. They also localize amazing offerings that were previously only available in offshore sites. However, in some cases, they are not able to deliver the variety that many players have grown used to at offshore sites. Things are getting better by the day. There is a lot more to look forward to as the sector continues to mature and evolve.

Popular Types of Online Casinos in 2021

iGaming is very dynamic. It is also quite diverse. There are sites built around specific groups or market segments. These niche offerings collectively contribute to the amazing growth trajectory that online gambling has been posting in recent years. Among gamers in the United States, some of the popular types of online casinos are:

Mobile casinos. – Gaming on mobile has evolved from a fancy emerging trend for avid gamblers to a key way of enjoying the activity. Both high-rollers and casual gamers can catch some gaming action right on their mobile devices. This level of convenience comes with very few compromises. Mobile technology has been advancing rapidly. The result has been high-quality experiences that gamers cannot get enough of.

Online sportsbooks. – Since the United Supreme Court abolished the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, US online sports betting has been on the rise. Without having to deal with the federal ban on sports betting, operators have spread their wings to bring players in the state a taste of amazing sports betting offers. Americans do love their sports and betting has always been one of the ways they show this.

Crypto/Blockchain online casinos. – The impact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have already had on the world is profound. Being one of the sectors that are very open to new technologies, the gambling industry has been taking advantage of them. For a couple of years now we have had crypto as one of the popular online casino payment methods. Now there are even online casinos that are built around blockchain and digital currencies. These are more secure and more trustworthy.

Getting Started with Real Money Gambling in the United States

As you may have noticed, there is no better time for real money gamers in the United States than now. For anyone new to gambling online, the process of getting started is straightforward. In a nutshell, here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Do Some Diligence

Depending on the state you are in, you will need to check for the gambling activities that are allowed or regulated. If you live in a state with regulated online gambling, those will be the best options for you. You can consider offshore sites if your state is yet to legalize iGaming activities.

2. Pick the Best Site for You

Finding the best sites is quite easy. To begin with, you need to pay attention to basic aspects such as the payment options, bonuses and promotions, licensing and the variety of games. Other rather subjective factors such as look and feel can also play a role in the experience.

That’s it. These should be sufficient to help you get started on an amazing online gambling experience in the US.

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