Top 5 Ways to Get New Customers in Online Business

Any kind of business, both online and offline, needs a constant increase in new customers. They boost store traffic and improve sales, and, consequently, your income and the popularity of the commercial enterprise. However, there are many more opportunities for an online store, as the world wide web has no borders. The owner can trade with the whole world, promote business, and attract new customers to the platform. 

A successful online business is one that not only knows how to sell, but is also able to retain loyal customers, build communication with them, and offer the best solution to a problem. So how do you make it an attractive marketplace for visits and purchases, getting more and more interested customers, and expanding your base? There are many solutions, but we will name five key ones that will help promote online business.

Design and convenience

Prospective buyers need only 3 seconds to decide whether they will buy something here or not. That’s why the first impression of the website is very important. 

  • It should not be graphically overloaded, since a large number of pictures distract attention and prevent customers from focusing on a particular product or service. 
  • A clear readable font and a memorable logo will enable visitors to get more information in the first seconds of being on the webpage.
  • Competent presentation of goods without meaningless phrases, but clearly and to the point – the client has come to find a solution, not to read long stories.
  • The simplicity of placing an order – you don’t need to complicate the process of submitting an order with numerous transitions and filling out a form. It is better to simplify the procedure as much as possible.

If you have not mastered this art, it is recommended to request the services of SEO and SMM specialists. Working with an SEO marketing agency is especially helpful because you are ensuring the long term profitability of your business.

Filling with content

To attract more visitors, and, thus, prospective customers, create a section with additional content, and regularly update the information you already have. Product/service information should be relevant, publications should be up to date. A resource that looks abandoned is unattractive and suspicious.

Communicating with the target audience is possible not only on your web page but also on third-party platforms. Share your experience, tell what makes your product unique, visit forums, specialized seminars, and blogs. Online reviews are no less effective. They give a lot of answers to consumers’ questions, they enable you to demonstrate the product as it is. An online store should not focus solely on products, auxiliary content will expand the range of visitors, attract attention, increase the popularity and conversion rate of the website.

Social media activities

Social networks are a free channel for advertising if you know how to use them. Of course, direct advertising is paid, but there are other methods of attracting attention:

  • Communication with the audience – small, but capacious and useful messages should come every day. But you should not put them out just for the sake of putting them out there. A sensitive consumer will immediately identify a fake;
  • feedback – ask questions, comment on the answers, the communication should be stable;
  • use pictures – graphic presentations grab people’s attention faster;
  • choose only popular networks – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest — these are the resources from which you can get the most TA.

Of course, the number of subscriptions is far from being a guarantee of success, so don’t chase the numbers. The positive perception of you as an interlocutor will definitely be transferred to the business you are running. 

Other tools can be used to advertise:

  • SEO-marketing —will bring the website into the search query through keywords and internal links;
  • SMM — manage social networks by yourself or with the help of a professional;
  • Google Adwords — will help to create and promote contextual advertising by tracking search queries;
  • Email-marketing – letters with commercials, product range updates, promotional offers will help to notify customers in time;
  • teaser and targeted advertising – it is customized for the target audience, so it is able to bring in customers who are ready to buy;
  • Your own YouTube channel not only allows you to publish your offers, presenting them in the best possible way but also adds credibility to your business.

Do not be stingy with discounts, give as much as possible for free, supplement purchases with nice bonuses, of course, within the profitability of the goods. This is how online business works, for example, when it comes to slot machines. By offering the customer no deposit bonuses and free slots no download, the casino attracts a large number of new gamblers.

Expertise and understanding of your own business

To attract new customers, you need to be prepared for the fact that they may ask a lot of questions about your product or service. This requires having detailed information about all the details of your business in order to give an expert answer. The public senses any awkwardness and incompetence. Research your industry, its characteristics, forecasts and analytics, current trends, and demand.

Establish yourself as an expert who can solve your customer’s problems, give them a compelling reason to try your product. Position yourself as if you want and can provide answers to any questions about your business. Hold seminars, webinars that help popularize your product or service. 

The mistake many business owners make while starting a business is that they are confident in the customer’s knowledge of the product. Consider how to present information in a way that includes all the important data, but does not overload the site. In addition, you should work on objections, which will certainly arise in the course of communication. Do not get hung up on your company and product – think about the client and look through the eyes of the client. If it is difficult to do so – ask relatives, acquaintances to evaluate objectively the information received.

Reviews and reputation management

At the initial stage of business development, it is difficult to get a large number of testimonials from satisfied customers. At the same time, products without such ” backup” are less popular and not trustworthy. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 customers buy based on reviews, and 76% trust reviews just as much as friends and family. 91% of shoppers say positive reviews influenced their decision to buy a product. This statistic is worth keeping in mind. But where do you get reviews from? 

The first option is to ask acquaintances and relatives to write a few lines.

The second one is to motivate your first customers to give feedback with future discounts and bonuses.

In addition, you can use a method such as surveys. This will help not only to attract the audience but also to identify weaknesses and shortcomings in your own business, as well as to understand what the client wants. 

Feedback is important in reputation management. Prepare that not only positive but also negative feedback will appear about your work. Even with honest and conscientious service, no one is immune to attacks from competitors, unhappy former employees, etc. In such a situation, a professional will help if you yourself can not cope with the negativity. Zero reputation is also not the best option, the lack of any feedback will make visitors alert.

Doing business online is painstaking daily work, which will pay off with satisfied loyal customers and an influx of new visitors, subject to a diligent approach. With the right emphasis and effort, you can become visible, sought-after, and successful.

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