Top 5 Ways to Reduce the Online Advertising Cost

Are your online advertising efforts taking up too much of your digital marketing budget? Learn to spend less on advertising while still attracting leads with our guide below.

Our expert, Péter Deli, is here to help you manage your digital marketing budget with 5 effective ways to reduce your ad expenditure. Get more content by Péter Deli here.

5 Cost-Saving Strategies for Your Online Casino Business

Take note of the following tips:

1. Invest in Player Loyalty and Retention

Having a loyal player base is a great way to ensure continuous business. However, collecting loyal players is a challenge. Before you can attract players and keep their loyalty, you first need to understand who they are.

Many new players in Hungarian casinos are only trying out and getting a feel for the games. For the sake of this article, let’s say you’re focused on advertising the keno online game. You can entice players by helping them become better at playing keno by providing helpful guides and tips.

Once you know who your customers are, utilize the analytics you gather to inspect and observe their behavior. Using your knowledge of the different types of players you expect to have, divide and subdivide them into smaller groups so you can focus on how to keep their interest and develop their loyalty.

You can offer a variety of membership privileges and rewards for your regular players. Make sure that the rewards are worth it so the players will be encouraged to invest their time and money in your services.

2. Continuously Search and Test for Improvements

You won’t know which digital advertising strategy will work best for your business until you try them out. But that doesn’t mean you should constantly change your marketing tactics. On the same note, don’t be afraid to try new things.

Let’s say that it isn’t practical to use cost-per-click or CPC advertising anymore. Instead, try something else, like cost-per-mille or CPM advertising. The CPM model is more cost-effective, but it has its drawbacks.

Even something as simple as changing your domain name can lead to more success. Before you commit to the change, test it to see if it works. Use A/B testing or multi-armed bandit testing to check how well your keno jatek offers and ads do.

3. Get the Best Out of Your Website

Get IT experts to help you craft a functional website. It shouldn’t only serve as a landing page for your ads or a mode of contact for interested clients. Your website also should be:


You can do tests on Google or use other tools to see if your website is too slow. If people have to wait longer than 5 seconds for your website to load fully, they’ll click away. How will you get your website to load faster? 

  •       Pick the right host
  •       Reduce and combine files
  •       Compress your files
  •       Use browser caching
  •       Use compact images


A fast website will be useless if the visitor can’t navigate it well or finds it confusing. Go for simple website designs over complicated ones for easy navigation. For example, use dropdown menus to keep the site clean and group important information or links. Avoid vibrant, contrasting colors that may be distracting to your users as well.

Accessible on All Platforms

With millions of internet users in Hungary who use different devices, be sure that your website is accessible to most of them. Your website, at the very least, should be both computer and mobile-friendly.

4. Put up Tangible Key Performance Indicators

Never overlook your metrics, especially your key performance indicators or KPIs. These are the indicators you need to keep an eye on if you want to see how your marketing campaign is scaling. Look out for KPIs like:

  •       Search Engine Optimization or SEO (organic rankings, page views, bounce rate)
  •       Search Engine Marketing or SEM (engagement, cost per lead, cost per click, quality score)
  •       Content marketing (social shares, off-page clicks, time on page)

These factors can tell you how well your advertising campaign is doing. Otherwise, even though you offer the best games for keno online, few or no customers will find you.

5. Consider a Referral System

In order for more people to find out about your online keno Magyarorszagon business, you should give your employees and clients the chance to call others. To motivate them in spreading the word, you can set up a point-reward system that benefits both parties.

Take advantage of social media. For example, almost 94% of social media activity in Hungary happens on Facebook. This means that your ad can reach many people when it’s posted through this medium.


Don’t let your marketing front get left behind by your competition. Use these methods to reduce advertising costs and generate greater profits.

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