Why Movies are Great for Themed Games

The online casino industry is worth billions of dollars each year and much of that revenue is claimed by slot machines. There are good reasons why players look towards the reels at the expense of card games, roulette and dice.

Choice is an important factor with thousands of titles online. The selection is only limited by the developers’ imagination and it’s a clear reason why those slots are so popular. 

Limitless Choice

Some slots are very simple with classic fruit symbols, three reels and just one central payline. Others are more complex affairs with special icons and bonus rounds such as free spins and wheel of fortune games. 

All slots can be attached to themes and this can be important when choosing a new favourite. There could be a fantasy setting with wizards and dragons, a cartoon comedy element or scenes from ancient history.

Slot games based on popular movie titles also prove to be a big hit with players. New releases and old classics are picked up by the developers and these titles seem to switch effortlessly between the movies and the slots.

Thrilling Rides

Some of the best slot games carrying movie themes are those that are based on action and adventure. Superheroes are extensively portrayed with Batman among those taking centre stage in Hollywood and at the online slots. 

Other titles pick up on the quest for lost treasure. Lara Croft has been immortalised in slot form and, while he may not be mentioned by name, Indiana Jones is another to have been honoured.

When you consider the gameplay of the movie based slots, it’s easy to see why they offer a perfect theme.

The Perfect Partners

The most complex slot games come with a host of bonus features that can mirror the concept of action and adventure. Extra rounds can be triggered by special symbols that can lead to free spins or other features.

Bonuses known as ‘pick games’ often occur. A common theme sees the player having to choose between treasure chests to claim their reward and this is an obvious tribute to Indiana Jones and the rest.

It’s a perfect fit but there are more film adaptations making their way into the online casinos.

A Wide List of Genres

It’s easy to think that action movies are the only real fit for online slots. Adventure, the quest for lost treasure or a mission to eliminate the bad guys certainly does cross over seamlessly from the big screen to the online reels.

However, other film releases may seem less likely partners for the slots. Classic horror often appears on the reels with the likes of Frankenstein, Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Dracula among those who have been previously honoured by the games developers.

It seems that any film release could potentially be turned into a slot game but which are the best titles currently available?

The Best of the Beast

Cuddly cartoon animals feature regularly at the online slot machines but there’s a certain bear who’s a little more ‘edgy’. Ted, the sweary, boozy animated animal first hit the screens in 2012 and the slot games that ‘bear’ his name are real classics.

There is a choice here: The first title came along in 2017 from Blueprint Gaming before a Megaways version arrived three years later. A Jackpot King option is also available. Players have their own favourites but all are hilarious and pay a perfect tribute to this iconic character.

A Treasure Hunt

We mentioned those heroes who go in search of lost treasure and there’s an almost endless list of related slot titles. Lara Croft Temples and Tombs is certainly up there with the best of them and it’s been a big hit among players since its release in 2019.

Like all good slots, this title stays faithful to its theme while adding in some spectacular features. There are stunning graphics, together with a dramatic soundtrack while bonuses include free spins, multipliers and a generous jackpot of up to 7434x coin stake. 

A Sinister Side

The last time we counted, there were no fewer than five slot games relating to the mysterious tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Once again, individual players have their favourites but the 2014 release from Betsoft is one that stands out.

This is a game that perfectly captures the split personality of the film’s main character. The mild mannered Dr Jekyll introduces the base game before the mixing of potions brings out Mr Hyde and his wild side.

The potions trigger bonus features: There are two of them with the red liquid filling up a prize meter while the blue elixir can lead to multipliers up to 20x when Mr Hyde appears simultaneously.

It’s a game packed with features and it’s another release that perfectly replicates the original movie. 

Imitation and Flattery

That quest to replicate the message and the feel of the original film is an essential point to cover if a slot is to be successful. The small selection of games that have made this list have captured that feel to a perfect degree but there are other titles to enjoy.

We can also be sure that every new major film release will be monitored by the games producers. Any suitable movie will subsequently be transformed into a slot and this list will continue to grow in the future.

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