Binging Movies Together Online with these Super Fun Services

Are you missing hanging out with friends sharing snacks and drinks while watching a movie together? It all seems like a memory of yesteryears since the pandemic hit globally.

Watching a movie or TV shows with friends and family is one of the major sources of entertainment that has vanished these days. However, every cloud has a silver lining, ScreenBinge suggests online entertainment guides to watch movies from anywhere, and if you cannot go to the cinema then bring the cinema experience to yourself. People are opting for virtual mediums for interaction so why not use them for watching a movie together.

So, do not be sad and check out these 7 amazing services that allow you to stream movies online with friends.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party (now known as TeleParty) is a Google browser extension that allows its subscribers to synchronize their Netflix stream and chat while streaming. Its user-friendly navigation is the highlight of this tool where you only need to install the extension to Chrome browser, go to Netflix, and start watching any content.

Once the video starts playing, click the TeleParty extension and it will generate a new link. Share the link with your friends to add them to your “room” with a chat interface where you can watch Netflix with your friends at the same time and chat with your friends.

Two Seven

Two Seven is a video auto-sync service that is solely dedicated to watching anything with your friends across the world. You can use the webcam to watch your friend’s real-time reactions and have live chats with them while watching the same content.

Its simple design allows you to use it directly from your browser without getting into any technicalities. Currently, it is supporting four streaming services to sync, including Netflix, HBO Max, YouTube, and Apple TV.

Zoom & Skype

If you want an effortless solution to binge-watch with your friend at lockdown then leverage video chat tools like Skype and Zoom. These video calling platforms are 100% free to use, just download its desktop app and sign up with your email to start video chatting. So, all you need to do is to schedule a streaming time with your friend, decide what to watch, schedule a meeting on Zoom and click the play button at the same time to enjoy a hassle-free virtual cinema.


SyncPlay is a free synchronize media playback service that is compatible with major video player apps such as VLC, MPV, and Media Player Classic. Your streaming friends group must have the movie or TV show installed on their hard drive and have the same media player to stream together. When everyone is on board just click “Ready to Watch” to auto-sync streaming to enjoy a movie theatre experience.


MyCircleTV is another free synchronized video player that allows you to watch videos together with a voice chat facility. You can invite friends from any platform, including Facebook, Twitter, and email to watch together. You can use this service without any registration to watch YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion videos with friends.

Plex VR

Plex VR goes the extra mile by merging video syncing experience with virtual reality. It transcends the video-sharing level by allowing you to share a drive-in theatre and virtual loft apartment with your friends.

In the Plex VR, the users can access each other’s media library, conduct chats, and stream videos together. Moreover, you can also select the avatar to represent you in virtual reality. This service is quite unique compared to other video synchronization platforms but extremely complicated and expensive to use. You and your friend will require Gear VR, Oculus Go, or Google Daydream to download Plex VR and watch content together.  


If you want to enjoy or give a reaction to a YouTube video with a friend then Gaze is an ideal platform for you. It is one of the easiest video-sync platforms to use. You just need to create a room and share a link with your friends to join your streaming. The app lets you chat and watch the same video at the exact same time. However, it only supports YouTube video so if you want to binge-watch other streaming sites together then you have to opt for other options. 

Wrapping Up:

Streaming services are rising in pandemic due to obvious reasons and now you know how to turn streaming experience into cinema experience by using any of these mentioned services. So, go grab some snacks and enjoy some quality time with your friends. 


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