Opinion: Is it Safe to Return to Movie Theaters This Summer?

As the summer movie season approaches, more and more studios think it is best for moviegoers to see the biggest releases on the biggest screen possible. While COVID-19 is still an ongoing pandemic, the numbers in cities and states have been decreasing as of late due to the accessibility of the vaccine. This leads us to the question: is it safe for moviegoers to return to cinemas this summer? As someone who is fully vaccinated and was very cautious about seeing new releases pre-vaccination, I think it is comfortable for moviegoers to return to theaters everywhere.

New York NY/USA-August 27 2017 The AMC Empire 25 Theatre in Times Square in New York


When regards to safety, I believe that theater chains AMC and Cinemark handle it the best, the successful chains believe in safety first and want everyone to enjoy going back to the movies and not have to fear about other audience members. The rules have become more strict and the capacity for showings is limited to about 25% and masks must be worn at all times throughout the film, although you can take them off briefly to eat or drink.

And how about reserved seating? Theater chains have an easy way of control the six feet apart rule so that audiences feel safe. These chains pride themselves on being thorough with cleaning seats and floors so everyone feels protected. Like I stated before, theater chains have been stringent and consistent with keeping their word on safety being the number one priority. However, I believe independent theaters such as Alamo Drafthouse, Museum of Moving Image do a bit of a better job due to the limited capacity of seating, but I digress.

When regards to new releases, this summer is looking jammed packed and studios would like for audiences to see these mega-budget blockbusters with a crowd of people and a tub of popcorn in hand. Films like F9A Quiet Place Part II, and Black Widow are films with huge stars and awe-inspiring set pieces that’ll make audiences gasp when seen on the big screen. Also, these blockbusters will help take the minds off of the somber and somewhat depressing discussion regarding our world today that it’ll be a good reminder that things can be fun once and a while. And what better way on a fun time is by going to see a big, gonzo blockbusters with an audience who have the same mindset.

Hopefully, this persuades your expectations on what the moviegoing experience is looking like as of now. I recommend while also attending the big theater chains, support small independent theaters due to them being in financial trouble during the pandemic. Happy movie-going everyone! The movies are back!

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