A Guide to Find the Perfect Wedding Ring 

The wedding day is one of the biggest and happiest days in an engaged couple’s lives. It’s the day they can finally and officially declare their love and commitment towards each other in front of friends and families! 

Even though this day brings the utmost amount of joy to the bride and groom, it can also be a stressful day to look forward to since there are innumerous preparations and responsibilities the couple has to carry on their shoulders. From the decorations to the buffet, every little detail needs to be perfected according to the dreams and wishes of the couple. 

The biggest and more nerve-racking aspect of an upcoming wedding, however, is the process of discovering the perfect wedding rings which sit well with the personal preferences and likes of each of the partners. Wedding rings are an essential part of one’s jewelry collection since people generally choose to flaunt these on their hands for the rest of their married lives and so it is only logical that a couple chooses a design and type in wedding rings that make them feel satisfied and overjoyed with the purchase. 

To ensure that couples get the most bang out of their bucks that they invest in a wedding ring, here are a few tips they can keep in mind while looking for their perfect piece out in the market. 

Lay Down a Budget 

Since most of us cannot spend as extravagantly as Ryan Reynolds on a wedding ring, the most important step you need to take is to set a budget! 

While doing so it is important to keep in mind the costs of the various aspects of a wedding ring such as the band, setting, stone, engravings, etc. It is generally advised for couples to keep aside 3 percent of their total wedding budget for the ring but at the end of the day, it is the personal preferences and choice that matters. 

Purchase Ring According to Lifestyle 

It is important to remember that you will most probably choose to wear this ring on a daily basis hence, the primary aim must be to choose a band that can be worn effortlessly on a regular basis without having to worry about whether it will suffer any damage or lose its shine. 

People who have sports or use of musical instruments incorporated into their daily lives are generally advised to settle with a thinner ring that has soft and rounded edges. The ones who tend to use their hands a lot are advised to choose a simple and solid metal ring that does not have any precious stone so that while working the stone does not get caught or stuck in other things, become loose, and stane risk of falling off. And for the ones who are hyperactive in nature, and the risk of falling off. 

Consider the Long Term Implications 

Couples who choose to go with the current trends should keep in mind that the wedding ring they purchase now is an article of jewelry they would wear for many upcoming decades and so it should be ensured that the ring is made with a design that holds its attractive beauty, charm, and value for as long as it is worn by the couple. 

However, couples should remember that they need not stress too much on the ring since at the end of the day their marriage is a lot more than just rings and external symbols! 

Predetermine Few Aspects of the Ring 

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, it is always advisable that a couple narrow down their options by predetermining the crucial aspects of a wedding ring so that the time and effort that gets invested into searching for the perfect ring is reduced and made easier. 

The features of the ring that the couple can decide beforehand could include the following:  

  • Whether they want a gemstone in their ring and if yes then which one 
  • The material and color of the metal that would be used for the band 
  • Whether the bride wishes to stack the wedding ring on top of the engagement one and if so, then how would she pair it 
  • Whether the couple wants their rings to be complimentary in appearance

Begin the Search Soon 

Many a time couples feel the wedding jitters regarding the wedding rings because they began the search for the perfect one a little too late and this could lead to the partners settling down with something that they are not completely satisfied with. 

To avoid any last-minute panic and wrong decisions, couples are always advised to begin the search for the perfect ring soon enough before the wedding so that an appropriate amount of time and effort can be poured into the process. This is especially needed in cases wherein couples decide to integrate engravings into their rings. 

Although the process of searching for the perfect wedding ring can be daunting sometimes, people who choose to adhere to the above-mentioned steps are going to definitely feel a lot more relieved when looking for their version of perfection! You can buy a perfect wedding ring from the RRPJewellers.

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