Can’t-Miss Countries to Visit in Europe in 2022

While we can’t say for certain when the borders for international travel will lift, it’s never too early to start planning head. A trip to Europe can help you open your eyes to different cultures and points of view, something that many of us are particularly hungry for after a year and a half of COVID restrictions and social justice problems plaguing America.

If you’re planning a trip overseas, thinking ahead is the best way to get the best deals and make the most out of your time. You may also be thinking about a big trip after receiving bad health news, in which case you want to see the world while you can still easily do so. If you’re wondering how to pay for your healthcare and travel accommodations with a chronic or terminal diagnosis, viatical settlement is an option. This allows you to sell your life insurance and use the funds to finance your care and support your loved ones. You could also put some of this money toward taking an amazing trip together while you’re still able to.


You can’t think of European getaways and not immediately conjure images of Italy. The rolling hills of Tuscany, winding ancient streets of Rome and unparalleled food, art and culture are something everyone should see at some point. Italy has something for everyone, whether you want a cosmopolitan shopping experience in Milan or rest and relaxation next to the Mediterranean.


Another iconic country, France has made profound contributions to global culture. Far beyond the border of Paris, there are sprawling countryside, seaside vistas, and breathtaking little towns just waiting for you to discover them. There are also some of the world’s finest wines, cheeses and pastries to indulge while you’re there. You might have so much fun exploring the rich culinary scene that you’re tempted to spend the day touring restaurants and cafes instead of landmarks.


The capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, has a fun city to explore and unbelievable nature. The flourishing art scene, fascinating history and vibrant nightlife all make it a fantastic stop on your European itinerary. Go whale watching, climb to a viewpoint and watch the Northern Lights sparkle over the city and check out the church of Hallgrimskikja, a famous church with a 244-feet tall steeple. You can peruse the Viking Maritime Museum, try traditional Icelandic food, like gravlaxsosa (smoked salmon, aka lox), and even go for a drive on one of the country’s seemingly endless roads surrounded on all sides by incredible views and vast skies.


The cities of Germany are great, but the real treasure lies in the picturesque villages and small towns that look like they’re taken right out of a fairy tale. Germans are a proud people with a distinctive culture and approach to life; you need not do much more than show up willing to share some of their world-famous beer and try their hearty food. Whether you want to discover Berlin or get lost in nature, Germany is full of art, history and natural wonders.

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