Disney+ Launches GroupWatch Party Feature to Allow Users to Watch Together

Disney+ is looking for ways to bring more social interaction to its popular streaming service. This week, Disney+ officially launched a GroupWatch party feature which will allow multiple users to watch a show or movie together.

GroupWatch will allow up to seven Disney+ subscribers to screen a show or movie simultaneously and react together, according to the New York Post.

The interactions with each other, however, will only be emojis to start.

Disney+ has more than 60 million global subscribers as of August 2020. The streaming service officially launched in November 2019.

Grand Prairie, TX/US Sep 2019: Disney Plus logo on tablet screen with popcorn and candy. Disney+ is a new streaming service that has Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney related content.


Disney+ offers a bundle package of the company’s three streaming services: ESPN+, Hulu (which is ad-supported), and the upcoming Disney+ service all bundled for $12.99 per month. This fantastic bundle will be available immediately after the launch of Disney+, which scheduled for a November 12th release. If you didn’t know, Disney acquired the full operational take over of Hulu back in May.

Members of D23, Disney’s fan club, will be able to sign up for Disney+ earlier than non-members. Without the use of the bundle, Disney+ will cost $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. Hulu (again, with ads) is already available for $5.99 per month, while ESPN+ costs $4.99 per month.

The bundle of all three streaming services, which is $12.99 per month, is Disney’s attempt of getting into this highly competitive (and ever-growing) streaming industry. The company’s direct competition monthly cost goes for $12.99 per month for both Netflix and Amazon Video (which is included with your Amazon Prime subscription). The monthly cost of upcoming streaming services HBO Max and Apple TV Plus has not yet been announced. However, it has been reported that Warner Brothers Media plans to have HBO Max cost $16-$17 per month. From what we can tell so far is that Disney’s bundled streaming service programs, at $12.99 per month, seems to be the deal for your dollar.

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