Netflix ‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Arrested For Child Pornography

Jerry Harris, one of the stars of Netflix’s Cheer, has been arrested and charged with the production of pornography in federal court in Chicago, according to multiple reports. A lawsuit was filed against Harris on Monday.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two 13-year-old boys who are twins.

According to ABC affiliate WFAA, Harris was at a cheer competition at the Fort Worth Convention Center in February 2019 when he “asked the boys to send sexually explicit pictures of themselves and that he asked one of them for a sexual act at a Fort Worth competition.”

The 21-year-old Harris was serving as a coach, trainer, mentor, representative, and agent at the event.

After exchanging contact information with the victims, Harris allegedly began sending sexually charged messages before ultimately asking one of the victims to perform oral sex in a bathroom after the event.

“Almost immediately, Harris’ messages turned sexual in nature, including demands that his victims send ‘booty pics,’ which meant that Harris was demanding that minors transmit photographs of their nude buttocks to Harris,” the lawsuit said.

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