TikTok Star’s Mansion Gets Power Cut Off Due to Massive Parties During COVID

A TikTok star found out that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was very serious about his threat to cut off power to homes that are not following proper social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report from the New York Times, popular TikTok personality Bryce Hall — who rents a Hollywood Hills mansion with fellow TikTok stars Noah Beck and Blake Gray — had his power cut off at the residence after throwing multiple crowded parties.

Videos from the most recent party at the mansion on August 14 surfaced on social media.

That led to Garcetti making the call to cut the power to the home — which is something he had threatened to do earlier this month after multiple parties were thrown in the area.

Along with having the power cut, Garcetti has authorized the disconnection of water and gas services.

“Today I authorized the City to disconnect utility service at a house in the Hollywood Hills to stop the large parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders. Parties like these can quickly and easily spread the virus and put our communities at risk,” Garcetti wrote on Twitter.

Here are videos from the party:

Garcetti first made his threat to authorize the Department of Water and Power to shut off utilities earlier this month.

“While we have already closed all bars and nightclubs, these large house parties have essentially become nightclubs in the hills,” Garcetti said at the time. “We will not act lightly, but we will act. You’re breaking the law. Just as we can shut down bars breaking alcohol laws, in places that are in criminal violations, we can shut them down … We can actually do the power or water shutoff after a first violation, but we like to educate, not enforce.”

Be smarter, folks.

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