What Students Should Know About SAT Prep Classes?

You are done with high school and now all you anticipate is joining college. It is exciting, isn’t it? Except, you have to sit for a few aptitude tests, the most common one being the SAT before you can get official admission into the university.

That does not sound like so much fun, does it? But for you to go to your dream college, it is time you get serious with exams once more. As the expert that made PrepScholar review said: “All knowledge gathered from the papers may help, but at this point, you need more than that.”

It is not as bad as it sounds anyway; you will ace it all once you prepare adequately. If you can also all of the following questions, you are good to go.

  1. What are SATs?
  2. Which approach should I take when taking SAT prep classes?
  3. What are the factors to consider when choosing SAT prep classes?
  4. What do I need to do to excel?

Take an online aptitude test first

SATs Explained

Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) are standardized tests taken before admission to colleges in the USA, usually managed by The College Board. You will primarily be tested in the following areas:

  1. Reading Concepts.
  2. Writing and Language.
  3. Key Math Concepts.

SATs have a score range of between 400 to 1600 marks gained, and your eligibility for the university depends on the bar set by that particular school.

You are encouraged to score as high as you can to improve your admission chances and help you skip one or two math classes in your first year of study, giving you time to catch a game online here. They could also help you get that scholarship you are eyeing for a while now

How to Approach SAT Prep Classes

You need to identify what works for you. Are you weak in math or writing? Do you prefer group classes, or you thrive in one-on-one sessions? Would you rather learn virtually or in-person? What is your budget?

Below are ways to approach SAT prep classes.

a) In-person vs. online classes

When it comes to in-person preparation, you will have your tutor on the ground, helping you understand all aspects of concepts to be tested in your aptitude. This works best if you prefer that personal touch, and do not mind moving location.

Virtual learning, on the other hand, involves you using online tutorials. With technological trends in education, online classes work conveniently for you and will give you a platform to seek further assistance from websites.

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b) Subject-specific learning

Here, you will focus on your main areas of interest. Say: you excel in reading skills, but are not confident in your math or writing skills. You should take up prep classes focused on your weakest areas.

c) Group vs. one-on-one sessions

When do you grasp concepts the best: in a group discussion or just you and the tutor? When preparing for these tests, you will need constant assistance from other students and motivate each other with movies that encourage you to learn while on a break. You will also need all clarification you can get from the tutor.

Either way, it should work best in preparing you for your SAT. Personalize your choice.

d) Free vs. paid classes

You may have to pay up for your prep classes. Established schools and companies will have you take a full preparation course to get through all units set out successfully.

However, if you wish not to spend a dime, attend free classes. After all, you are no Addison Rae, so save up as much as you can. Be keen to get a good free class with quality revision.

Tips to Getting the Best SAT Prep Classes

Below are guiding factors to consider before enrolling in an SAT preparation class.

– Number of preparation tests

You need a deal that will let you practice similar SAT questions like the ones you look forward to undertaking. Choose one with the most practice questions and terms. This way, you know what you will be facing on the D-day.

– Duration

How long will it take to complete all the classes, and how flexible are they? You do not need a package that will take away your gaming education and leisure time, neither do you need an overly spread-out schedule.

– Class size

The best classes are those with one to ten students. If you exceed 20, it is no different from high school.

Trickle-down SAT stress

– Price

Work within your budget; there is a quality class for everyone.

– Quality of course

Do not settle for any class that does not prepare you adequately in all concepts of SATs. It should cover reading, writing and math concepts in detail. Do not settle for less; there is something good out there for you.

– Personalization and accessibility

Is your schedule flexible or rigid because you took a job somewhere? Are you in a position to move about to your classes? Everyone is encouraged to stay home, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, so get you classes that are personalized to your preferences as possible.

Now You Know

From the above article, you are well equipped with what you need to know about SATs and factors to consider before enrolling in a prep class. Be prepared, boost your confidence as much as you can and avoid common mistakes.

You will do well and join the campus of your dreams. Good luck.

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