Here’s How Much TikTok Star Addison Rae Makes in a Year

Social media influencers have always found ways to generate absurd amounts of money on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. But recently, TikTok has been the hotbed for rising stars and none are bigger than Addison Rae.

Rae has a whopping 54 million followers on TikTok — and 24.9 million on Instagram — and she has been able to rake in the cash from the video platform.

According to Forbes, Rae topped all TikTok stars in earnings over the past 12 months which ended in June 2020. So just how much did Addison Rae make? According to the numbers, Addison earned a whopping $5 million from TikTok. That’s some cold, hard cash.

To get their estimated earnings, Forbes states it “talked to the influencers themselves, agents, managers, marketers, and investors.”

Not too shabby, Addison. Who would have thought you could make so much money off of 15-second video clips?

Other top TikTok earners are:

1: Addison Rae – $5 million
2: Charli D’Amelio – $4 million
3: Dixie D’Amelio – $2.9 million
4: Loren Gray – $2.4 million
5: Josh Richards – $1.5 million
6 (tie): Michael Le – $1.2 million
6 (tie): Spencer X – $1.2 million

Now we know why these people are earning while they can as the government considers banning the app in the United States. But even if that were to happen, it’s safe to say Addison and the other top TikTok stars will be just fine.

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