WATCH: Ja Rule Stars in Hilarious, Low Budget Greek Deli Commercial

Ja Rule has gone from rapper to gyro pitchman. The rapper recently starred in a hilarious, low budget commercial for a Greek deli in Los Angeles, California. The commercial has since gone viral on social media and it is one of the most amazing things you will see as we prepare to close out the month.

In the commercial — which is for Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill on West Pico Boulevard; speaking of West Pico Boulevard, shoutout Grey Block Pizza, if you know, you know — Ja Rule can be seen enthusiastically pitching the “best motherf***ing gyros.”

Ja Rule also pitches Greek classics like oktapodakia, avgolemono soup, and kreatopita.

“You can’t even pronounce the food, it’s so go**amn good!” he shouts while rocking an ‘I <3 Greece’ t-shirt.

Check out the commercial below:

If we are all being honest, we have to admit that the food from Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill looks a lot better than the food served up at the disastrous Fyre Festival.

And, hey, at least Ja Rule seems to be happy and that is what matters the most.

As Ja Rule noted, the commercial has become a viral sensation and led to the rapper becoming one of the top trends on social media. 2020 truly has brought us some of the most bizarre times.

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