Francis Ngannou Opens As Betting Favorite Over Jon Jones For Potential Bout

UFC fans have been clamoring for a potential bout between heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and it looks like the mixed martial arts gods are doing their best to will it into existence.

The two fighters have been involved in back-and-forth exchanges on social media which has added to the hype surrounding a possible meeting inside of the Octagon.

Most recently, Ngannou taunted Jones with a message on Twitter which read: “Hello Jonny are you still there?”

It didn’t take long for Jones to catch wind of the comments and issue a response.

“First you can save the rest of your tongue pictures for your other homies and yes I’m right here, just waking up from watching that Derek Lewis fight again,” Jones wrote. “You ain’t scaring nobody, I saw your heart. You’re a big old mouse, I’ll expose you.”

As the hype for the bout continues to build, the folks at have issued their opening betting odds with Ngannou as a slight favorite over the current champion.

Ngannou opens as a -130 favorite while Jones is a +125 underdog. For those unfamiliar with betting, that means a $130 bet on Ngannou would net you $100 with a win. For Jones, a $100 wager would pay out $150 if he gets his hand raised.

Do you agree with the odds? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts and predictions on a potential Ngannou vs. Jones matchup.

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