Seth Rogen’s Secret To Surviving Quarantine is ‘Ungodly Amount’ of Weed

Seth Rogen stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night to discuss social distancing and quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. Unsurprisingly, Rogen is having a great time chilling at home while others seem to be panicking.

But for Rogen, the recipe for a happy life during quarantine is simple: pot and pottery.

Rogen revealed that he has been smoking an “ungodly amount” of marijuana during the stay-at-home measures — because weed service has been deemed essential — and he’s also had plenty of time to enjoy his hobby of pottery.

“We are not all in this together because this has not been that bad for me. I’ll be totally honest. This has been fine. I am built for this,” Rogen told Kimmel. “I have kind of been self-isolating since 2009.

“I’ve smoked a truly ungodly amount of in the time that I’ve been quarantined; more than normal. Thank god it has been declared an essential service, because that is true, for me it is essential. I feel like I’ve never willed any law into existence more than that.”

And Rogen takes his pottery seriously.

“So many of our friends wanted to do pottery, we got a literal third wheel, me and my wife,” Rogen said before revealing his homemade soap dispenser. “We have a kiln, we found a place that will deliver clay in this time of quarantine.”

You can check out the full interview below:

As for why Rogen is able to sit around and smoke pot while molding ceramic, it’s because he has no children which is something he has really come to appreciate.

“The fact that I have no kids is making this truly not that bad,” he joked. “I will be lying alone on my death bed having not talked to anyone in 15 years and I’ll be like, ‘It was worth it for the coronavirus shit.'”

We all need to embrace Rogen’s energy during these difficult times.

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