The Most Popular Self-Care Items in the Nation

Self-care is any deliberate action we take to improve our well-being and reduce the feelings of stress we encounter. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, self-care is needed now more than ever, as many of us are adjusting to new routines, and searching for ways to remain optimistic during an unfamiliar time.

To help reduce stress levels, Americans across the country are investing in soothing self-care items that best suit their needs. With a personal interest in self-care and meditative practice alike, Spruce conducted a study to discover the most popular self-care items in each state. 

The most popular item in the nation was lavender and other essential oils. It was the most searched item in a total of 10 states, with a strong presence in the South. It’s no surprise lavender and essential oils trump the list in popularity of self-care – lavender oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and sleep-inducing properties, while essential oils as a whole are known for their calming effects and alluring scents. This is the perfect remedy for anyone suffering from irritated skin, or fighting through sleepless nights. 

The second most popular item in a total of 9 states were facial serums and masks. Face masks have been making an appearance in our lives from sleepovers in highschool to spa days at home in adulthood. Their ability to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin makes masks a popular item in anyone’s skincare regimen. Additionally, cosmetic company, Loréal, shared that facial serums play a huge role in anti-aging and wrinkle reduction in their list of reasons to use a facial serum. If a top leader in the cosmetic industry wants us to add this to our skincare routine, we probably should!

On top of finding the most popular self-care item by state, Spruce also determined which ones are most popular in the four regions of the U.S. In the Northeast and Western regions, the most popular self-care items were luxury hair and skincare products. This checks out soundly when we remember these regions are home to New York and California, both states who headquarter well-known modeling agencies and fashion companies. The South follows with lavender and essential oils as their most popular item. These oils can definitely help our southern friends ease the irritation of bug-bites from the critters coming out in their hot summers. Lastly, the Midwest’s most popular self-care items were weighted and heated blankets. The Midwest, who harbors some of the coldest states in the country such as Minnesota, shows that their form of self-care takes place when they’re staying toasty and keeping cozy. 

If you want to dive into the realm of self-care and find small yet powerful ways to improve your well-being, then it’s time to invest in a personal product that brings you peace and serenity. If you want a start on what to use, check out Spruce’s full study to discover which item is most popular among the individuals in your state.

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