CNN’s Chris Cuomo Details Symptoms of Coronavirus

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is battling the coronavirus and quarantining at home in his basement. This week, while broadcasting his show from home, Cuomo detailed the symptoms that he has been suffering which include an insane fever, body aches, and tremors.

“Now I know what I’m up against,” Cuomo said. “Never had anything like it. I’ve never experienced any kind of fever like what I have going on all the time, the body aches, the tremors, the concern about not being able to do anything about it, I totally get why so many are so scared all over this country.”

Cuomo also experienced hallucinations, he said, saying he saw his late father, Governor Mario Cuomo, who died back in 2015.

“My dad was talking to me,” Cuomo recalled. “I was seeing people from college, people I haven’t seen in forever. It was freaky what I lived through last night. I get it now, and if you match that with chest constriction and people can’t breathe, I totally get it, why we’re losing so many people and why our hospitals are so crowded.”

Cuomo was joined by CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who revealed that Cuomo was shaking so badly he chipped a tooth.

“You had these rigors, so bad that I think you chipped a tooth,” said Gupta.

The coronavirus mainly comes from animals and a majority of those who were infected early either worked at or frequently visited the Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, according to The Guardian. The virus is similar to Severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (Mers).

The Wuhan coronavirus is transmitted from person to person through “droplet transmission.” That means an infected person can pass the virus by sneezing or coughing on another person as well as by direct contact.

While a majority of the cases have been detected in the United States and China — with more than 3,000 deaths in the United States which surpasses the death toll of the September 11 terrorist in New York City — it has now reached many countries around the world. It has also been confirmed in Italy, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and many other eastern countries.

104-Year-Old World War 2 Vet Survives Coronavirus
104-Year-Old World War 2 Vet Survives Coronavirus
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