WATCH: Anderson Silva’s Son Gabriel Advances to 5-0, Wins 2 Kickboxing Titles

Like father, like son. Gabriel Silva, the son of former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, is on a roll to start his amateur career in martial arts. Recently, Gabriel took on the previously undefeated Christian Williams at FightersRep 9 Kickboxing Pro-Am.

The 22-year-old Silva scored a TKO win over Williams in the bout and advanced his record to 5-0.

Along with notching the fifth win of his amateur career, the 6-foot-2 Silva staked his claim to the ISK Southern California and FightersRep middleweight (165 lbs) titles.

You can check out the impressive finish below.

And for those wanting to see the full fight, it begins at the 2:43:20 mark.

As for whether we will eventually see Gabriel Silva transition to mixed martial arts like his legendary father, it remains to be seen but he does not appear to be inclined to make the move.

“I don’t see it like, ‘Oh, because my dad was the best in UFC history I have to go there as well,’” Silva told “In my head, I want to go there because the best athletes in the world are in the UFC. You want to shine and prove yourself among the best. That’s the goal in the UFC.

“To prove that I’m as good as my dad, that to me is, I wouldn’t say irrelevant, but it’s not something that crosses my mind. My dad built his history, and now I have to build mine.”

Whatever he ultimately decides, it is clear that Silva has a bright future ahead.

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