Chipotle’s ‘Guac Mode’ Rewards Fans With Free Guacamole

If you are a fan of Chipotle and/or guacamole, February 20th is an important day. It is the last day to sign up for Chipotle rewards if you want to be eligible for Guac Mode. Guac Mode is every member’s chance to get free guacamole all year long. No need to worry if you are already a member, Guac Mode will automatically be available.

According to the Newport Beach, when Guac Mode is activated in February, eligible Chipotle Rewards members will receive a reward for one free topping or side of guacamole with the purchase of a regular-priced entree. You can find Guac Mode in the My Rewards section of your Chipotle account. You can only use your Guac Mode reward at Chipotle and cannot use it in combination with another deal or promotion currently active.

Chipotle chief marketing officer, Chris Brandt expressed why Guac Mode would be successful in a statement. “Our fans absolutely love our fresh, handmade guac, especially when it’s not extra,” Brandt said. “It’s been an incredible first year of Chipotle Rewards and initiating Guac Mode – which gives our members free guac in February and extras all year long – is a perfect way to thank our loyal customers.”


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