What’s Not to Love About Traveling to Celebrate Love?

The holiday season is over and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s hard not to think about the upcoming warmer weather, longer days, and more sunshine. January has almost wrapped which is to say that spring is hopefully inching closer, bringing with her the season before wedding season: bachelor and bachelorette party season. 

One of the best parts of pre-wedding season really has to be the amount of parties leading up to the big day. From an engagement party to a bridal shower, there are tons of little steps to celebrate along the way to becoming man and wife. But let’s face it, since considering getting married, the bachelorette or bachelor party has been on your mind. 

What’s not to love about celebrating love? Bachelorette and bachelor parties have become extravagant affairs over the last few years (hello, thanks to social media). 

Even if you aren’t the bride or groom to be, once you’ve graduated college these are the types of social events you and your friends will be planning on the weekends instead of themed parties at “the frat house”. 

Okay. So there are a bunch of places to consider traveling to for a bach party of any variety. There are a dozen different lists about which location you should pick, based on something or another. All of the different wedding prep websites have lists of destinations you could consider going to, and what you might be able to do while you’re there. 

For instance… If you’re going to Nashville, The Knot suggests a pedal-pub for you and your friends before you hit the honky tonk at night. But there haven’t been any solid lists of locations to travel to for those in the LGBTQ+ community, which led to the guys at The Black Tux compiling a list of the best cities for LGBTQ+ bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Find the best spot for your end-of-singledom-celebration from the list below — there might be some old favorites, but there are definitely some unique destinations to choose from.

Photo Credit: The Black Tux
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