Cardi B Says She Wants to Be a Politician & Serve in Congress

Senator Cardi B? The hip hop star recently took to social media to express her interest in running for political office. Cardi has been involved in politics and has found an unlikely friendship with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), even appearing in campaign ads with the frontrunner.

According to Cardi, she plans to expand on her comments in the future, but her love of politics and her own ideas has her believing she could eventually run for office and potentially land in Congress after a few years going back to school and studying.

“I think I want to be a politician. I really love government even tho I don’t agree with government,” she wrote on Twitter. “Like I was watching war documentaries. No matter how many weapons a country have you need people! How are you trying to go against a country and possibly start a war when this country lacks patriotism? I barely see people claiming they LOVE being American.

“I will have to explain a lot so I will have to do a video or a live talking about it …So imma come back to my last two tweets another day. Imma talk about it another day. I do feel like if I go back to school and focus up I can be part of Congress. I deadass have sooo much ideas that make sense.I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table.”

How do you think Cardi B would fit into the current political landscape and could she find herself in Congress representing the Bronx? We’ll have to wait and see, but it would certainly be an interesting, wild ride that would bring a personality to Washington, D.C. that the nation’s capital has never seen before.

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