WATCH: Bernie Sanders Talks Weed, Cardi B & Sneakers With Desus & Mero

Senator Bernie Sanders stopped by the most illustrious show in late-night to sit down with Showtime’s Desus & Mero to discuss a wide variety of topics and his 2020 presidential campaign.

During the sitdown with the Bronx hosts, Sanders shed some light on his marijuana policy, his unexpected friendship with rapper Cardi B, his endorsement from Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and much more.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the entire interview came when Sanders attempted to guess the resale price of some rare sneakers, and he was simply blown away. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero also designed custom sneakers for Bernie custom to his requirements which included a rubber sole and shoe laces.

As for his marijuana plan, Sanders has appealing ideas that also includes having people of color and those who have been impacted by strict marijuana laws in the past reaping the most benefits from legalization rather than big companies.

“Under the controlled substances act, marijuana is at the same level as heroin, which is insane,” Sanders told the hosts. “So we take it out of that, which essentially legalizes marijuana all over this country. And the second thing we do is move to expunge the records of those people who have been arrested for marijuana.”

What else did the 2020 presidential candidate have to say?

You can check out the full interview below.

DESUS & MERO, the Bronx’s very own, reconnected online in the early days of Twitter, where they unleashed their potent personalities and found themselves kindred spirits.. That led to stints on Complex and MTV, the Bodega Boys podcast, and a daily late-night show on Viceland, developing a feverish following. The quick-witted duo brings a distinct voice to late night, delivering smart and comedic commentary on any and all topics, that keeps audiences buzzing. DESUS & MERO continue to host their Bodega Boys podcast.
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