Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-Pack Beer: Price & Details

Pabst Blue Ribbon is ready to do its part to help can your holiday blues. For their latest promotional run, the porch classic brew is hoping to create some buzz by releasing ridiculous 99-can packs in some select locations.

The 99-beer case is seven feet long, so you — fittingly — can only pick this thing up if you have a truck.

MGM Wine and Spirits in Mankato, Minnesota, sold out its supply of 99-packs in less than 24 hours last week, however, so there are plenty of people looking to destroy their livers with their favorite cheap brew.

From Food & Wine:

First, some background: MGM Wine & Spirits in Mankato, Minnesota, got a bit of viral buzz this week when they put up a Facebook post on their latest item in stock: a “Limited Edition Family Pack” of PBR featuring 99 cans in a mix of Pabst Blue Ribbon varieties. According to KEYC News, the $59.99 packs sold out in under 24 hours—and sparked national interest in where else these crazy cases—that hold more than half a keg’s worth of beer in 33 rows of three cans each—can be found.x

Happy drinking, everyone. But remember: be safe, and don’t drink and drive.

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