WATCH: Dana White Squashes Jorge Masvidal-Conor McGregor Hopes

Jorge Masvidal just may have to wait for the title shot. After his manager announced that the welterweight was looking to fight either Conor McGregor or for the title in his next bout, UFC president Dana White has said that the fights won’t happen.

White brought out his claim that Masvidal is too big, so it looks like the Miami-based brawler will need to wait for a crack at UFC gold.

“Masvidal’s too big for Conor,” White said, via 242. “(McGregor) shouldn’t have (fought at 170). I hated that he did it. Not only did I hate that he did it once, I hated that he did it twice. There’s plenty of fights for (Masvidal) in his weight division without Conor. He’s too big for Conor. Conor doesn’t belong at 170. He’s got the balls to fight at 170, but he doesn’t belong there. Hell no, (it won’t happen).”

“I think he’ll either back this year or early next year. We’ll see how this whole thing plays out in September. No, (he doesn’t get the Nurmagomedov-Poirier winner), but it’ll shake a lot of things up, whoever wins that fight.”

Following his big win over Askren, Masvidal began expressing his interest in a big money fight and taking on McGregor if he was not granted a title shot.

“I want McGregor, man,” Masvidal said during an appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show, via “I want to break his face. I think that’s an easy paycheck. He’s got these cash symbols written all over his face for me. I just don’t see it going his way at all, if I’m honest with you. It’d just be more money, more fans. And then fight for the title. Or the title. Either one of them makes sense to me.

“I think either or equal out to big, big checks. So I’m happy with either or. I think Conor is a bigger check, so I wouldn’t mind Conor. I want to put money away in the bank. Like I said, I’ve been doing this a while.”

If the two do eventually face off, Masvidal believes he would be able to “break” McGregor in the cage.

“He taps,” Masvidal said. “I have never tapped in my whole entire career. He’s tapped a couple of times. That’s backing down right there in my book. So, that’s something that I’ve never done and I feel like I’d break him. It’d be an easy fight.”

Who do you think would win a fight between Masvidal and McGregor? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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