WATCH: Little Bagel Boss Guy Keeps Sharing His Misogynistic, Racist Thoughts

Chris Morgan, the tiny angry man who went viral after his meltdown over women not dating him because he is only five-foot tall, is back on camera. The Bagel Boss guy had a little bit more to say about his short temper and we were allowed to have an unfiltered view thanks to TMZ.

As it turns out, Chris wasn’t just having a bad day at the Long Island bagel shop.

Instead, he is actually very angry and insecure about his height, and he let it be known during an interview that added further insight into his misogynistic and racist views.

“Gays don’t bother me, I can hang out with them,” he said when TMZ asked if he was homophobic. “Just don’t touch me, especially in the private parts.”

Yeah, Chris. If girls don’t want to touch you, how did you suddenly become desirable?

Then, he allowed the racism to kick in while admitting that he freely uses the n-word from time to time when he feels disrespect — which seems to be pretty often. He even went as far as to use the “I have black friends” excuse to claim he wasn’t a racist.

“No, I have black friends,” he said. “Now, if somebody upsets me and he happens to be black or steals from me, then that word comes out of my mouth. I’m not gonna lie.”

We also have to remember the video on his since-deleted YouTube page which was titled ‘Ghetto hoodrat cuts in front of me to use bathroom.’ In that video, he proclaimed: “Look at this woman here cursing in front of her kids. F*ck you, you ghetto skank. You’re a loser ghetto skank,”

This man is really trying to get bodied again.

Angry Bagel Boss Guy is Named Chris Morgan & His YouTube Channel is Internet Gold
Angry Bagel Boss Guy is Named Chris Morgan & His YouTube Channel is Internet Gold
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