Angry Bagel Boss Guy is Named Chris Morgan & His YouTube Channel is Internet Gold

You all remember 5-foot-tall Bagel Boss Barry, right? He was the angry little man who went on a ridiculous, self-pity fueled rant because women don’t want to date him. As it turns out, his name is actually Chris Morgan. The best part? Bagel Boss guy actually has a YouTube channel dedicated to filming confrontations with strangers who he feels are disrespecting him.

Chris captured the attention of a nation when his rant went viral on social media Wednesday, July 10, but his time in the spotlight is only getting started after discovered his YouTube page.

Some of his best hits include titles like “Fat f*ck at Grizzlies Bar in Bay Shore”, “Ghetto Hoodrat Cuts in Front of Me to Use Bathroom”, “F*cking with Mike the Jew” — Part 1 AND Part 2 — “Bernie Looking for P*ssy”, and some “harassment” from 7-Eleven workers.

This guy may just be a national treasure.

Now, sure, it isn’t nice to height shame and we should all try to be nicer to each other, but a look at Chris’ YouTube channel isn’t going to get him any sympathy. Instead, he’s forever going to remembered as the angry bagel guy with a Napolean complex — and for good reason.

Let’s check in on what the 45-year-old Morgan likes to do in his free time when he’s not causing a stir and getting bodied inside of a bagel shop.

‘Ghetto hoodrat cuts in front of me to use bathroom’

If you want sympathy, going straight for the racism is never a good idea, Chris.

“Look at this woman here cursing in front of her kids,” Morgan can be heard saying before calling the woman a b*tch. Did you hear the language coming out of this woman’s mouth? “F*ck you, you ghetto skank. You’re a loser ghetto skank,”

Wow, very articulate, pal

‘Fat f*ck at Grizzlies Bar in Bay Shore’

Now, Chris. It’s very obvious that you have your insecurities. Perhaps shaming other people for their bodies isn’t the proper approach if you want to get some respect yourself.

In this video, Chris can be heard saying, “Ragging on my height all day, you fat f*ck. All you girls for the big bullies.”

You get the gist…

For more of the Best of Chris, head on over to his YouTube channel and enjoy an afternoon full of laughs.

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